That's a LOT of Coffee! Lucky's By the Numbers

In the 28 weeks since Lucky’s Coffee Garage opened last December in Lebanon, it’s brewed 1,250 gallons of coffee. That works out to about 44 gallons per week.

And here’s what’s funny. All those lattes and cappuccinos (not to mention hot chocolate and baked goods) need milk. So every week, Lucky’s also goes through 60 gallons of milk. “We call ourselves Lucky’s Coffee Garage,” says coffee manager Mark Nunziata. “But really, it’s Lucky’s Milk Garage.”

Mark Nunziata at work

Done right, coffee brewing lives on exactitude. How many seconds does a single grind for espresso last? How many grams of coffee per dose? How many grams of brewed espresso should that create? “It’s a very precise industry,” says Deb Shinnlinger, who owns and runs Lucky’s, and has turned the northeast corner of Colburn Park into a go-to destination for people from far beyond downtown Lebanon. 

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Shinnlinger’s kind of a numbers geek herself. So here’s what Lucky’s looks like, by the numbers:

— Total number of lattes sold from the day it opened — December 2, 2017 — until last Friday: 9,445

— Total number of breakfast sandwiches sold: 8,161

— Total number of Baker’s Studio bagels sold: 2,279

— Number of cookies sold: 3,321

— Muffins: 3,124

Deb Shinnlinger (left) and baker Kim Hardan

— Total number of “shots” on the espresso grinder: 85,396

— Seconds per grind: 3.41 (though this changes throughout the day, depending on temperature, humidity, age of the roast, and other imponderables that put a glint in Nunziata’s eye).

— Total runtime for the grinder, in 3.41-second (or whatever) whirrs: 23 hours, 6 minutes, 36 seconds

— Cups of flour that baker Kim Hardan might go through on a Friday: 59

— Hour of the day that Hardan starts work: 2:45 a.m.

-- Number of license plates visible in Lucky's: 168

-- Number of license plates in storage: 156 (and growing... just a few days ago someone left another 6 by the front door).

— Number of people Lucky’s serves a day: 250-350

— What that averages out to: 1 transaction every 90 seconds

— How long it takes for a barista to learn to do those awesome little milk swirls: 1 year. Says Nunziata: “Well, I can tell you how in two minutes, but for you to get to the point where it’s quick and comfortable and you can do it consistently in a high-volume environment? A year.”

How long it took barista Jesse Cheung to learn: 1.5 months. “He learned quicker than anyone else I’ve ever trained,” says Nunziata, and Nunziata’s been a serious coffee guy — as in, do not get him started talking about coffee unless you plan to be there for a while — for a decade. 

— Roller derby team that Nunziata helps coach: the Upper Valley Vixens.

Okay, you're right. That last one’s not a number. But it's cool anyway.

L to R: Jesse Cheung, Deb Shinnlinger, Mark Nunziata

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