Lobster. Orford. LobSTAHHHH!!!

Rollin’ Lobster Rolls makes its debut at 500 Route 10 in Orford, NH.

Fresh from the boat. Lobster rolls and slaw!

Lobstahhh rolls and broccoli slaw. This is the REAL deal on exactly the opposite side of NH from its famed seacoast. Forget Portsmouth, make the trek to Orford.  At the intersection of Routes 10 and 25A sits a brand new trailer serving up this most mouth-watering of seafood delicacies — fresh-picked lobster straight from the lobsterman himself.

These puppies are going fast. Lobster roll and broccoli slaw. Yummy!

You’ll meet John, the lobsterman during the week in Beverly, MA pulling pots from his boat, and lobster roll restarauteur on the weekends with help from his wife, Nikki, and daughter, Jasmine. The lobster business is all in the family with John pulling pots with his father-in-law all week long, then bringing fresh lobster straight to us on the weekends.

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These lobster rolls are chock full of lobster chunks, and very light on the mayo. An ya gotta try their broccoli slaw while you’re at it. It’s delish!

Rollin’ Lobster Rolls is only open on the weekends, and they close once the daily catch runs out. So run quick to catch your roll while they last. For a Fathers Day treat grab a dad, any dad, and get yourself to Orford while this weekend’s fresh catch is still fresh and ready for you.

Bring your dad, come with anyone, or just bring yourself. You’ll get great food and even meet some new friends.

This new food trailer and all its contents, including John the lobsterman with the forearms that make Popeye look puny, have my Poetic and Gastronimic seals of approval. Bring your favorite beverage (I’m bringing my paprika, too!). Best to make tracks to Orford soon for some really great lobstahhhhh!  

John and daughter, Jasmine, work one of three serving windows. They’re ready for crowds of lobster lovers.


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