Forrest MacGregor's Last Hurrah on Front Porch Forum

When a local jack-of-all-trades launched an online yard sale, Randolph was riveted.

Forrest MacGregor at the Three Bean Café on Pleasant Street in Randolph, just before he moved to North Carolina.

Forrest MacGregor is many things. An engineer who sculpts in marble, plays the guitar, and writes poetry. A high-tech handyman who fixes his friends’ iMacs for free. A thrower of neighborhood potluck parties. A wearer of peacock feathers in the Halloween parade and a walker of dogs. Until recently, he owned a big house in Randolph, Vermont. In January, with his house under contract, he began selling off its contents. Front Porch Forum has never seen such an eloquent, and zany, display of salesmanship. Forrest is now in Asheville, North Carolina. We in Randolph miss him. Here is a portion of his legacy. The larger of the two oak tables, by the way, is now my writing desk. Forrest took it apart, transported, and reassembled it for me. —Sara Tucker

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Looking for Local Artist Named Andrew Schnedler

Randolph – No. 1385 • Forrest Macgregor • • Prospect Ave, Randolph 

Jan 21, 2018


Hi Neighbors...

I am trying to return two paintings a local artist loaned me a while back. Sadly, I have a name, but no contact information.

Last I knew, Mr. Andrew M. Schnedler lived here among us in Randolph, Vt. Does anyone know him or how to contact him? If so, I'd love to hear from you with contact information.


* * * 

Really Neat Antique Radio

Randolph – No. 1396 • Forrest Macgregor • • Prospect Ave, Randolph 

Feb 1, 2018

For sale

Filed under "Best of intentions" for the last few years, I have a very unusual 1930's era RCA D22-1 radio/phono combo console that is an amazing device. I've concluded that I am not going to get around to restoring it, and need to find it a good home with another mentally ill restorer who actually WILL do the work to re-animate it.

Here is an image album with a few photos of the beast:

This machine not only plays records, it has the hardware to MAKE THEM, TOO! A novel item in the 1930's, to say the least. I have an original SERVICE MANUAL that goes with it, and a engineer/tech with vacuum tube technology smarts can get it running. (Surely I'm not the only one in these parts with such wizard credentials?)

I paid $150 for it, but am more interested in seeing it dodge the landfill. Make me an offer, but more than that, redeem your immortal soul. You know you've done something evil (and so do I) and this is one way to make up for your bad deeds. Preserve history. Make a difference in some engineer's life. Clear out my garage. You'll feel better and so will I.

Do it. Life as we know it depends on you and your good judgment. How depressing!

Email for directions. Call for abuse. 728-4606.

* * *

iMac Wanted

Randolph – No. 1397 • Forrest Macgregor • • Prospect Ave, Randolph 

Feb 2, 2018

Seeking items

Hi neighbors.... an artist friend of mine is using an 11 year old iMac that refuses to support a scanner he needs for his work.

I've demonstrated it working properly on more modern iMacs, and am hoping to find him one at a reasonable price, locally. Ideally, it will run MacOS 10.7 or later. Ideal age 5 years or so. As the owner of too many computers, I suspect there is a closet, desk, attic, garage, guest room somewhere here in town that has the last big thing forlornly awaiting attention from caring and frequent finger tips? ( Quit with your dirty thoughts, already! We just need a computer!).

Mac only, please. User has an investment in learning that needs to be preserved and limited desk space.

Thanks, friends.

* * *

1890's Merrill Upright Piano - Cures Baldness

Randolph – No. 1402 • Forrest Macgregor • • Prospect Ave, Randolph 

Feb 7, 2018

For sale

I lied about the baldness cure. However, you're reading the ad. You'll thank me later.

I am selling an old Victorian house of about the same age as this fine piano, and had high hopes of it conveying to the new owners, but they are sadly not interested.

Before I go any further, and I'm sure you want me to go much further away, go look at these pianistic photos!

This Merill piano was made in Boston, Mass. while there were still passenger pigeons flying around abundant American chestnut trees and before either cars or electricity were in Vermont. It has seen a ton of history, and been the subject of both pain and delight by countless children. On frequent occasions, when I host large neighborhood pot lucks and parties, the kids give it a thorough workout with both impromptu recitals and just plain old impact testing. This thing is a tank, but one made of best materials back when they were available and respected. It should be good for another 100 years, and its ideal new home will be an ideal old home that comports to its age!

Normally, I'd make a joke or two about something I was trying to sell, but I'll be sad to see my house and this lovely piano, friends for the last decade, part ways with each other and with me. Price is negotiable, and it's positioned for easy removal from the house and loading. Can recommend movers for same, if needed.

The only place it is missing any ivory/covering is on one black key, mid keyboard (see photo.) Otherwise, it's perfect and untouched. Everything works just fine.

Schedule for this is that I must sell it before 3/15, but earlier would simplify moving for everyone.

Email for additional details, measurements, pictures.

* * *

Table Saw and Compound Miter Saw

Randolph – No. 1403 • Forrest Macgregor • • Prospect Ave, Randolph 

Feb 8, 2018

For sale

I am disposing of two nice pieces of wood shop equipment. Before they go on Craiglist and I get 100 spam messages from people who want my blood type and a DNA sample, etc. I thought I'd give local people a chance to pick these up (both literally and financially) at a decent price.

They were used for quite a while in a friend's local shop and HE moved away, selling them to me. Now, it's your turn.

Photos of them are here:

Asking price (pretty firm) is $450 for both, sold only as a set. The compound miter saw is a wonderful Bosch unit, going for about $700 or so these days retail and the Delta table saw is a 10" unit in great condition. Both fully functional, clean and smoothly operating.

Come over and cut something. Like a check for $450 for instance?!

Located right here in beautiful and close-by Randolph!

* * *

Oak, Cherry and Cedar Furniture for Sale

Randolph – No. 1423 • Forrest Macgregor • • Prospect Ave, Randolph 

Mar 1, 2018

For sale

I have two clothing chests and two oak dining tables for sale.

The chests are cedar (48 x 18 1/2 x 20) and cherry (46 x 21 x 21) and are in good condition. Cedar is priced at $125 and cherry at $150.

The tables are antique. The larger of the two is 60"x 48"x 28" with leaves in and 48" dia with leaves out. The smaller is 42" diameter x 27" tall and has no leaves. Both priced at $250. Can be disassembled for easy move.

pictures can be seen here:

large table: 
smaller table:

cedar chest: 
cherry chest:

* * *

Peavey Ecoustic Guitar Amp

Randolph – No. 1441 • Forrest Macgregor • • Prospect Ave, Randolph 

Mar 18, 2018

For sale

I have a lightly used Ecoustic amp for sale. Original price about $500, asking $200. Has 1/4" and XLR inputs. Reverb. Equalizer. Two channels. Works. Sounds great.

* * * 

Mostly Antique Furniture

Randolph – No. 1446 • Forrest Macgregor • • Prospect Ave, Randolph 

Mar 23, 2018

For sale

Downsizing from larger home, this is what remains after a recent estate sale. These pieces are in good condition and appropriate for a variety of home styles.

Sofa Table - French Provincial Style - $250 
Ornate Beveled Mirror - $175 
Larger Oak Dining table - $250  Smaller Oak Dining table - $200  Cherry Clothing Chest - $150  Cedar Clothing Chest - $125

There are also a few small oak chairs. Cash sale only. Pickup in Randolph, Vt. Tables disassemble for easy transport.

Images can be seen at.

* * *

21 GHz Swept Spectrum Analyzer

Randolph – No. 1446 • Forrest Macgregor • • Prospect Ave, Randolph 

Mar 23, 2018

For sale

OK, so this is a long shot...

I have a Tektronix 2754 analog swept spectrum analyzer good to 21GHz that has been my pride and joy for years. Yeah, I know. We all have our little oddities... mine weighs 70 pounds and glows in the dark.

New, in the 1980s, this fine piece of hardware would run you a cool $60,000. It's lab quality and sweet. A few years ago, it was involved in a small office fire, but I managed to clean it up enough to run save one minor hiccup. This week, sadly, as I was reassembling it for sale, it developed a power supply problem. It's one of the easier ones to fix, but takes a special person with the time, interest, tech chops, and love of vintage test equipment to nurse it back to life. I have run out of time to devote to it.

If you are a EE (electrical engineer) or a radio nut, this might be a pathway to greatness you have not explored. My goal for selling it until the power supply issue surfaced was $1300. Parted out on ebay, it would fetch more, but a true citizen would never part out such a wonder. I'll entertain offers from qualified potential owners, but you will have to pass an eccentricity test. If you are an EE, you get a pass. General class ham operator, you get a pass. Own one or more pieces of Tektronix lab equipment, you get a pass. Anything else, we can talk about it.

Nothing like this has ever been seen in Randolph. Be unique. (I have manuals, extender board, the whole shebang. )

If you want to see what they look like, here's a recent ebay listing for one:

* * *

Spectrum Analyzer - All Patriots Must Read This Post!

Randolph – No. 1447 • Forrest Macgregor • • Prospect Ave, Randolph 

Mar 24, 2018

For sale

Randolph, Randolph, Randolph... you disappoint me.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to gain entry to the Wizard clan and here you sit, silent.

Now that craiglist personals are no longer a thing, you have way more time to devote to your hobbies. If one of those is electronics, specifically radio/RF, you can spend some of that excess getting this fine old device back to working condition. Original cost in the 1980's was about $60 grand, and it's a lab quality instrument with great dynamic range and very narrow filtering.

I won't go into a lot of detail here... if you don't know what this is or what it's used for, it's probably not for you. But if you are seriously into radio/ham radio this is a fairly simple way of getting a top notch older piece of shack equipment.

It worked 98% up until a few weeks ago, and just now developed a low voltage power supply problem when I reassembled it into its case in prep for downsizing my life. Most of it still works, and the low voltage supply is one of the simpler and easier things to troubleshoot. I have all manuals (service) and some card extenders (sold separately).

Ad will be up a week, and then I'm out of town for a month. Strike while the iron is hot. My next stop may be the landfill, but I'll need Xanax to pull that off. I LOVE this thing. Maybe you will, too?

Here's a pix of the beast in better days:

Those little spikey things on the display are all the local FM radio stations buzzing through your brain undetected AT THIS VERY INSTANT! I told you... wizard stuff. Only the truly worthy need apply.... is that you or are you content to go through life not knowing what radio signals you are sitting in? Don't say I didn't warn you....

* * *

A Few Items of Randolph Furniture for Sale

Randolph – No. 1501 • Forrest Macgregor • • Prospect Ave, Randolph 

May 14, 2018

For sale

Hi Folks,

I'm tying up loose ends from a recent downsizing and have some residual pieces of furniture that are reasonably priced and looking for a new home.

The largest item is a 48" diameter oak dining table with two 12" leaves. It's a beauty and I am asking $250 for it.

Second major item is an elaborate mirror best described by viewing the image.

The remaining items are a variety of oak chairs, priced at $25 and down. Again, pix show the gross aspects and I can answer any questions about specific items via email.

Lovely spring weather is the best time to buy oak furniture, as we all know. No time like today. I can deliver within reasonable distance. ( Boston would not be reasonable. Randolph and Brookfield, definitely reasonable. )

Pix are available at :

I am available via email. Happy springtime!

* * * 

Vintage Oak Dining Table Stormy Daniels Blockchain

Randolph – No. 1505 • Forrest Macgregor • • Prospect Ave, Randolph 

May 18, 2018

For sale

Dear Randolph,

I apologize for my cheap headline sensationalism, but I had to get your attention. This is just too important for you to miss.

I have a table. I have run out of places to put it. You need a table. Or maybe you would if you got rid of that piece of crap you are using for one now and took mine! Plywood and blocks are OK for a college student, but at your age, you should move up to real wood. Old wood. Wood made before Hawaii was a state. Before plastics were invented.

Wood. Oak, in fact. Such oaky goodness like you never see anymore. The kind that will make you want to wake up in the morning just to go sit in front of it, but please, use a coaster?

Here's a pix or two:

I am dropping the price of this from $250 to $200. I will deliver it. And I'll carry off your plywood and cinderblock thing.

Email me, but be fast. The last stuff I posted is all gone and it had a much worse ad. I expect a deluge of emails. (I'm hoping people will quit with the marriage proposals already!) You snooze, you lose!

Oh yeah, blockchain, bitcoin, stormy dangles, yada yada. Buy the table.

Postscript: The larger of the two oak tables is now my writing desk.



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