Limited Boil Order in Effect for Lebanon

Lebanon Public Works has issued a precautionary boil water order for residents located in the following area:

Worthen Street

Cameron Ave.

Bliss Street

Guyer Street

Mascoma Street (from Cameron Ave. to High Street)

Young Street (from Worthen Street to Bliss Street)

Granite Street (from Mascoma Street to West Street)

Due to interruption of water service in conjunction with the construction of CSO Project #11, a temporary water main was installed and is currently in service. The water main has been disinfected with chlorine, and initial testing has been performed.

A 24-hour incubation period is required for accurate results, and two separate tests are required before the main can be deemed potable for drinking. The earliest the boil order will be lifted is Sunday, June 17th. For anyone unable to boil water, the water faucet in Colburn Park (located on the City Hall side) has been unlocked and will remain so during the boil order. Please bring your water containers and fill as needed.

For reference, the June 14, 2018, Alert on contains information on boiling protocols and disease prevention.

Staff will be going door-to-door with information when the order is ready to be lifted, and updates will be provided on our website as we progress towards a permanent fix.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding. Additional questions related to this issue can be made to our Emergency Management Director/Fire Chief Chris Christopoulos at 603-448-8810.

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