Recurring Damage to Sayre’s Covered Bridge Reported

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Public’s Help Sought in ID’ing Vehicles Responsible

Over the last several months, over-height vehicles have hit the Sayre’s Covered Bridge on Tucker Hill Road in Thetford Center, VT, numerous times, resulting in minor cosmetic damage to the fascia boards. Most recently, on the morning of June 14, a vehicle struck both ends of the bridge, believed to have occurred around 7:00 a.m., reported the Thetford Police Department.

 The bridge, constructed circa 1839, is posted for vehicles with a maximum height of 10’6”, said Thetford Police Chief Michael Evans.  The Thetford Police Department is seeking the public’s help in identifying vehicles responsible for the damage.  Anyone with information can contact the Thetford Police Department’s voicemail line at (802) 785-4608 to leave information. 

“The Town is concerned that continued impacts can possibly lead to structural damage and loss or closure of one of the Town’s two remaining covered bridges,” said Evans.

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