Work continues on Windsor's Ascutney Mill Dam

Workers Assemble Large Barge to work on Ascutney Mill Dam

Update: Large Barges Delivered to works site

Carl Piedmont, Northeast sales manager for the Poseidon Barge Corporation, was on hand yesterday as large work barges were lowered by crane into the backside of the the Ascutney Mill Dam in Windsor. 

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Poseidon is renting the large barges to the contractor for the dam, Moretrench. According to Piedmont, The large barges serve as a work platform making it easier for the crew to navigate the water-side portion of the dam. The barges arrive as 40' x10' x 5' sections and assembled like a jig-saw puzzle. Large legs help to hold the platform in place and to keep it from drifting.

The Ascutney Mill Dam has undergone significant repairs in recent years and began after a 2010 evaluation by GeoDesign of WIndsor.

Repairs this summer consists of filling cracks in the dam's bedrock with cement to insure that they stay together. 

The Ascutney Mill Dam's "claim to fame'  is that it is among the very earliest masonry dams of significant size. Made of granite, the dam is the structural precursor of today's concrete gravity dams.


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