PHOTOS: Car catches fire at Hartford Town Hall

No one hurt while Saab burns up

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - An engine compartment fire in a Saab parked near the bandstand behind the Hartford Town Hall destroyed the car just after 9 a.m. Thursday morning.

    "It went up fast," said Hartford Town Manager Leo Pullar, "I looked out the window of my office, saw it burning, and I turned inside to ask if someone had called the fire department.  They said that had already been done and by the time I looked back out it was really going."

    The woman the car is registered to was not located in the building so police were trying to find her downtown since several businesses use the municipal parking lot as kind of an overflow parking area when things are busy in White River.

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    Hartford Fire Captain Chris Dube said that while it was clear the fire had begun in the engine compartment a precise cause was not immediately apparent.

Hartford Fire Lt. Shawn Hannux tackles the fire with a hose line off Engine 4

Hartford Fire Captain Chris Dube smashed out the window to gain access to the hood release

Firefighters work to disconnect the battery in order to silence the car alarm which was set off by the flames

Captain Dube photographs the burnt engine compartment as part of his fire investigation

Sabil & Sons wrecker service removed the charred car from the parking lot

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