Have you been to The Barnard Inn Restaurant and Max’s Tavern?

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A local business supporting local nonprofits …how great is that?

For dinner?

A wedding?

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Take Out?

A pop up event?

Wine testing?

There is a lot happening at the Barnard Inn under owners Will and Corinna Dodson. 

Experiencing even just one of the above visits to The Barnard Inn Restaurant and Max’s Tavern (http://barnardinn.com) will very possibly make you a fan forever! If you haven’t had the opportunity as yet I highly encourage you to stop by and enjoy all this local gem has to offer. Chef Dodson’s culinary skills are incredible and impeccable!  Dodson masterfully combines flavors in the most incredible way that will make you want to return to try more of the menu items while also wanting to revisit your soon to become favorites. Eyes will close as you enjoy every morsel and simply focus on the delicious blend of flavors your taste bud’s are experiencing. The menu changes seasonally with fantastic new offerings but favorites remain - after all Awesome Tots are indeed just that! One’s senses come alive as the experience immediately begins as you enter the garden walkway to the restaurant while admiring the beautiful setting in gorgeous Barnard, Vermont. When entering the Tavern you are always met with a warm and friendly greeting and on subsequent visits you will begin to feel like you are seeing a friend. Get ready because the dining experience is warm, comfortable and inviting. A sensory delight as the food and drink are exquisite and Chef Dodson’s presentation is as beautiful as it is delicious.  

Something new and wonderful is happening at The Barnard Inn Barn…wine tasting! On May 27th my husband and I attended a pop up event at the Barn enjoying various local vendors and artists while listening to the amazing Bow Thayer play (https://bowthayer.com )…what a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Chef Dodson was cooking up some of his delectable delights under a tent, music playing and a festive feel was in the Barnard air. While at the event we purchased tickets to what would be the  first of the Thirsty Thursday Charity Wine Series in the Barn. Taste 15 wines for 15 dollars with proceeds of the event and wine sales to benefit a local charity each monthThursday night arrived and so did we! So much fun and great local energy as the parking lot was busy with dining guests, take out guests and wine tasting guests. The Barn looked beautiful! Woodstock Beverage was prepared and ready for the thirsty customers in attendance with well-informed staff and an excellent selection of wine. A beautiful fruit and cheese spread, provided by The Barnard Inn, was enjoyed as we sipped and snacked while enjoying the company of our fellow wine tasters. Profits of the evening benefited the Barnard Fire and Rescue. 

The next tasting event to benefit Zacks Place. 5 to 7 on Thursday June 28that The Barnard Inn Barn. Buy tickets in advance, join the mailing list (http://barnardinn.com), follow on Instagram (Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/barnardinnmaxstavern/) but definitely keep up to date and stay informed as something good is always happening at The Barnard Inn!

“Eat. Drink.Live.Local”…I could not have said it better myself!




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