PHOTOS: Too tall truck smashes into Bridge Street overpass in downtown White River Junction

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Embarrassed driver was paying attention to GPS and not road signs

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - With a bang that sounded like a dumpster had just been dropped clear from outer space, a tractor-trailer crashed into the edge of the Bridge Street railroad overpass just before 11 a.m. Tuesday morning.

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    The embarrassed driver said he was mixed up on directions and was paying closer attention to his GPS than to the road signs as he tried to deliver a handful of boxes of paper towels and garbage bags to a business in town.

Windsor County State's Attorney David Cahill was walking his dog on the sidewalk right next to the truck when it hit, sending the startled pair of them straight up into the air.

    The loud impact drew the attention of a New England Central Railroad train crew that was maneuvering several 150-ton hopper carloads of dry cement atop the overpass when the crash occurred but damage to the bridge itself was strictly cosmetic.

    "If it makes you feel any better you're not the only driver to do this," Hartford Police Officer Logan Scelza wryly told the driver when he arrived and walked up to the truck.  Police said that, while the investigation was on-going, that at most the driver might receive a ticket because of the incident.

A construction worker from the nearby sidewalk project put out warning cones for traffic

Hartford Police Officer Logan Scelza speaks to the driver before having him back the truck up the hill

Railroad crews watch the effort from above

Ironically the large truck, which is not usually used on this delivery route, had almost no cargo aboard

Hartford Police arrived and briefly detoured traffic around the scene

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