A Plea for the Polka Dot ANSWERED! Now, About Another WRJ Corner...

I can't believe that I shot for the moon and got it! Five months ago I sent out a message to the universe asking for the Polka Dot to be resurrected, suggesting a few options for its re-birth, including most optimistically as a Cambodian restaurant.

I can already taste the cilantro.

Imagine my shock when local developer and proud new owner of the Polka Dot, Mike Davidson, forwarded me a press release announcing the purveyor of Cambodian cuisine in Lebanon, Phnom Penh, is expanding into his tiny downtown WRJ gem. I fell off my keyboard. A huge congratulations to Mr. Davidson, Phnom Penh, and, of course, US for this exciting and assuredly delicious collaboration! I can't wait for my first bowl of vermicelli.

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Since I seem to have the ear of someone influential, I'd like to roll the dice again with another business re-vamp idea. A block away from the Polka Dot is a street corner with some very hot, but very underutilized real estate, sitting catty-corner to Revolution. Here is the approach to the storefront, underneath the railroad tracks.

It's such a lovely underpass, I'd consider being a troll.

When you reach the top of the short incline at the stop sign, the coolest storefront flying under the radar is to your right. I assume it's owned and used for storage by the nice people at Main Street Furniture.  As a treasure-hunter, I love to visit and poke around the store. Their free table out front is also loads of fun.

If I may, I'd like to sweetly whisper a business proposition into their ear like Slugworth in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... remove the bushes in front of the store (keeping the nifty bonzai-ish shrub to the side), open up all the windows including the plywood one, and operate or lease the storefront as a mid-century modern antique store.

My dream storefront location!

As an interior designer specifying furniture for clients in the Upper Valley, I can tell you it is very easy to order up a new sofa online. However, there is a local market for interesting, unique, and vintage furnishings and home-goods that people can see and touch in person. How do I know? Because of the wild success of Just L Modern Antiques in Littleton NH.

Just L Modern Antiques in Littleton

The gentleman who owns "Just L" has been asked to open a second location in the Upper Valley, but has heretofore declined. Which tells me I'm not the only one to recognize how awesome his store is and how well it would do in WRJ. How about it, nice folks at Main Street Furniture? Interested in transforming your beautiful mid-century modern storefront into a mid-century modern antique store?

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