Free fish for a day and a Beatle behaving badly.

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The UVPulse - Friday, June 8, 2018

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Not a good day to be a fish: There are a lot of annual events and rituals that remind us summer is near (bad hair days thanks to humidity being one of them). But for many an angler or angler-wannabe, the best sign is Free Fishing Day in VT, which happens this Saturday, June 9. Go forth and catch a fish, even without a license. 

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UVPulse rating: +2

Comments: Any event that encourages folks to go outside deserves a +1. The fact that there is no "Free Driving Day in VT" (allowing folks without a license to get behind the wheel) deserves its own +1. 

Granite Staters are a bargain: The Daily UV recently reported that it costs $11,600 per resident to govern VT, vs. $8,300 per NH resident. 

UVPulse rating: -1

Comments: We admit the reason behind the discrepancy between these two numbers is way over our heads. But anything with the word 'cost', followed by a 4-digit number, rubs us the wrong way. 

Walking outside of the lines: UVPulse happened to find itself in Hanover, today, behind this man wearing a Beatles "Abbey Road" T-shirt. 

We have nothing against the Beatles. Or T-shirts. But if you're going to wear an Abbey Road T-shirt, we think you should make every effort possible to mimic the iconic album cover and walk in every crosswalk you see.  

UVPulse rating: -1

Comments: It's a shame, really. We'd have given at least a point if he was inside the crosswalk. Easily a +3 if he walked barefoot like Paul McCartney. 

The wood-free woodpecker: We'll end this edition of the UVPulse on a personal note. Every morning for the last few days we've woken up to the sound of a woodpecker perching on our unused satellite dish, hammering away without a care in the world. There are likely worse ways to wake up. But we can't think of one. 

UVPulse rating: -1

Comments: While we applaud this woodpecker for encouraging us, and others, to cut the cord on cable, we think a less jackhammer-like way of doing it could be just as effective.

Updated UVPulse rating: 74/100. 

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