Jim Healy and Anna Hinman, PT

Getting Back on Your Bike

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How Jim Healy Overcame a Ruptured Achille Tendon

When Jim Healy ruptured his achilles tendon, he found himself unable to put any weight on it and uncertain of when he'd be able to return to normal, pain-free activity.

Instead of surgery, his orthopedist immobilized his foot using a boot to allow the injury to heal. Jim recalled, “I believe I had been in the boot 24/7 for several weeks and was in pretty bad shape when I first visited Anna at Cioffredi & Associates. I really did not know what to expect or whether I would be able to regain my function..”

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By the time of his last session with Anna, Jim  was able to manage any basic life function effectively and pain free. “My orthopedist has indicated that my recovery is at least as good as if I had a surgical repair,” said Jim. “I will be out on my road bike later today enjoying a beautiful day in the Upper Valley and I am confident that I will continue to progress over the coming months.”

Read on for Jim's story of how physical therapy helped him rebuild!


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