How to Grow & Build Fantastic Soil in your Garden - FREE CLASS!
Ended June 13
Stephanie Waterman
June 13
10:00 PM — 11:30 PM
Price:  Free and open to the community. Please RSVP as space is limited!

Join us as we welcome back Randy Ritchie of Malibu Compost for this fun and informative talk about building soil! Come learn from the industry leader of biodynamic compost and soil products and see how you can implement these techniques in your home organic garden.

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Randy will detail what we do to build soil from the ground up... including looking at soil types, mixing soils, recharging soil in beds and in the ground, what should be in a good bagged soil, top-dressing with dry amendments, using compost, drenching soil with compost teas, mulches that we recommend and the importance of soil testing. If you are curious about how to grow and build the biology, tilth and health of the soil in your garden, then this class is for you.

Randy Ritchie, is co-founder of Malibu Compost, an industry leader in the production of biodynamic compost and soil products. Malibu Compost's mission is to give people a true organic option for farming and gardening in a world that has been dominated by dangerous chemicals.

LOCATION: White River Growpro, downtown WRJ, VT. The Upper Valley's source for organic gardening products and expert advice. 


Malibu Compost is committed to the well-being of our plant and bringing you the purest products on the market. You have the right to know what is in your soil. Malibu Compost is:

GMO FREE. Our genteic ID certifies that there are NO genetically modified corn, soy or alfalfa in Malibu Compost Products.

PESTICIDE-FREE: Our pesticide screen tests for 150 of the most common agricultural & landscape pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE: A biologic analysis provides us with counts on beneficial bacteria, fungi & nutrient cyclers so that we know our products are active & alive...naturally!

NUTRIENT AVAILABLE: Our ag analysis makes sure that our compost is finished, mature, stable, pathogen-free & full of 100% of the major & minor nutrients & trace minerals. 


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