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A new group of yellow jackets have invaded Norwich

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Demo sofronas

They don't just buzz around (they mean business)

As I was driving down Main street, I noticed from a distance a flurry of activity in the traffic Island at the corner of Main and Church Street. There were several people wearing yellow vests milling around the flowers at the garden. I didn't know at first what to make of it, I thought it might be new crossing guard recruits learning the ropes with some on the job training, (check out the stop sign) , or maybe a bunch of yellow jackets/hornets doing whatever it is they do.

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  I got a little closer and realized it was the Norwich Women's Club gardeners weed whacking the daylights out of the flower beds and garden area. It appears that these ladies came prepared as they had three Norwich DPW employees on hand as backup. The DPW was there to deliver and spread the mulch, which was provided by the Town of Norwich.

The photo's for this story were taken by Demo Sofronas aka Demosthenes (say that 3 times fast).  They will tell the story along with the  below write-up that was provided to me by Mary Ann Holbrook.

The Women's Club gardeners are a highly trained special forces type unit and includes the following members: Mary Ann Holbrook, Deb Martin, Bonnie Lawlor, Carol Loveland, Dana Ireland, Anne Silberfarb, and Barbara Kenny.

I asked Mary Ann Holbrook if she could send along a little write-up explaining seasonal garden:

Here is her story and she is sticking to it

“JUNE IS  BUSTIN’ OUT ALL OVER”......especially at the Norwich Women’s Club garden on Main Street !  Today, our experienced gardeners, Carol Loveland, Bonnie Lawlor, Deb Martin and Mary Ann Holbrook pulled the last weed and put the finishing touches of mulch on the garden which is a replica of a prize winning garden design at this years’ Chelsea Garden Flower Show in London.

Deb Martin, Mary Ann Holbrook, Carol Loveland, and Bonnie Lawlor

We hope everyone enjoyed the spring garden in bloom with colorful jonquils and tulips. Our  three season garden finishes the year in the fall with a display of mums and pumpkins.

The Norwich Womens’ Club appreciates the gift of mulch from the town of Norwich and cannot thank the the highway crew enough for their help spreading the mulch and the professional look their work gives the garden. 

Mary Ann Holbrook

Norwich DPW spreading mulch

Adam Moore, Joe Robinson, and Ben Trussell. Deb Martin waiting for another load of mulch. Please!!!!

It takes teamwork to make it Happen . Who is the Boss of this road crew?

Looks like they are covering it from all angles

Another view of the traffic island

And last but not least the "fruits of their labor"

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