VIDEO: EVERYBODY IN! Woodstock third graders defy cold and take to the pond at Kedron Valley Inn

Woodstock Elementary 3rd graders celebrate spring.

Football, watermelon and splashy smiles

Okay, so it wasn’t exactly blistering beach weather this week. But that didn’t stop the intrepid students in Kristen Hubbell’s third grade class at Woodstock Elementary from plunging right in.

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Despite the cool air and gray clouds, 16 students pulled on swimsuits to frolic in the sand and, yes, hit water at the pond behind Kedron Valley Inn in South Woodstock Thursday.

At one point, a certain yellow orb showed up for a (not exactly) hot second.

“Here’s the sun!” exclaimed parent Ann Jones.

“Oh my goodness,” chimed in Kiera Saggesse, a paraeducator. “It really does exist.”

While grown-ups pondered the skies, the kids were busy on the earth — flinging Frisbees, tossing bean bags, and working the pond’s sweet little beach with buckets, shovels and a furious game of football.

Having worked up some heat, they then ran into the water while a lifeguard stood nearby. The most adventurous youngsters swam out to a dock covered with green plastic turf, then dived and cannon-balled their way back in.

I’m not sure what the water temperature was, but it was definitely in the hypothermia hazard zone after a couple of days of seriously non-summery weather.

Jones, whose son Charlie is in the class, recalled a warmer day two decades ago.

“I actually got married here in 1999,” said Jones who, along with husband Dan has three kids. “It was 103 degrees.”


Ann Jones and her son, Charlie.


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