Worth Knowing: New Trail Break Food “Truck” Hits the Road

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Rob Gurwitt

Okay, strictly speaking it’s not a truck.

It’s a trailer.

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But the idea’s the same. The tacos, brews, chips and breezy vibe that have made Trail Break such a hit are moving out from behind the downtown WRJ spot’s four walls. 

Tacos on wheels? Credit restaurants’ infernally hard time finding help. “We’ve given up on doing lunch,” says Topher Lyons, Trail Break’s owner and moving spirit. So he and chef Dennis Marcoux decided to try their hand at catering. On a whim, they checked into how much food trucks were going for. And there, a few items deep on Craigslist, they found one in Brattleboro. 

“We'd figured we’d maybe buy one next summer, but said, ‘Let’s go look at it.’” So now here it is, parked behind the restaurant. It was, Lyons deadpans, “the impulse buy of 2018.”

At the moment, the Trail Break trailer is still your basic silver, though Lyons intends to paint it soon. Of course, he also intended to be open for lunch soon. But still. Right now it reads URGER O on front, all that’s left of its former owner’s ballyhoo. It’s already been to four events in the two weeks Trail Break has owned it, and led by server Jacob Fortier, will spend the summer doing Dartmouth gatherings, mountain bike events (it’s headed to Tunbridge for The Ranger on Sunday and the Vermont Mountain Bike Festival in Ascutney in July), and weddings. 

And lunch? Out on the streets? Where anyone can just walk up and order a taco or two? "Our goal would be to get into the lunch game a little bit by finding somewhere we could park twice a week," says Lyons. "Maybe Tuesdays and Fridays? It would be awesome to do that here in White River."

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