Parole Officers save Probationer found in midst of Heroin Overdose in downtown White River Junction

Frantic effort unfolded just before noon across from Hartford Town Hall

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - Fast action by parole officers who got worried after a furloughee failed to show up for her daily appointment saved a 26-year-old woman who was in the midst of a heroin overdose when they found her inside her apartment just before noon.

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    Officers said the woman "had been struggling" with substance abuse since having been released from prison several months ago and as a result she had been ordered to check in daily at the Probation & Parole offices in the new state office building on the bank of the Connecticut River.

    When she failed to show up for her appointment late Tuesday morning a pair of probation officers walked over to the apartment house where she has been living next to the former Kibby Equipment buildings and eventually forced their way into the apartment where police said they discovered her out cold surrounded by drug paraphernalia including needles, heroin baggies and a marijuana bong.

    The probation officers administered Narcan to the woman and immediately called for help.

    Their call for help brought another four probation officers as well as several Hartford police officers and detectives and Hartford firefighters and a Hartford ambulance crew to the scene.  

    Police officers said the woman had a pulse and had resumed breathing normally by the time she was onboard the ambulance and being transported to the hospital.

    A similar OD with a different victim occurred late last summer in the same building which has several apartments that are used by the Probation & Parole Department.

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