Linda Chorney : " When I Sing " A incredible true story on film, followed by Q & A and a concert.
Ended July 01

Audiences are cheering and the biz is fearing. Chorney's improbable nomination caused a pissy fit for the gatekeepers...but NOT for Linda.   She wrote a book, turned it into a movie, now, winning awards. WHEN I SING is the classic definition of turning lemons into lemonade.  

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Based on a true story, funny, irreverent, heartfelt and real, this is the story of a singer-songwriter’s wild ride toward finally being “almost famous” after thirty years of gigging on the road. Will being the first truly independent musician nominated for a Grammy be her big break -  or break her?

Saturday, June 30th, she'll bring WHEN I SING to White River Jct with Q & A and performance.

Chorney stepped out of her shoes, looked objectively and said, "This is a great f#&king story. It just so happens to be my life story...and many others. Best of all no one can hurt me when I sing."


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