Operation Safety Cone

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Get caught doing something safely and be rewarded too

What a great idea this is



      During the month of June, police officers in the town of Norwich will be issuing “tickets” to children in Norwich for being safe.  Students in the area “caught being good” and “being safe” will be issued a ticket that is redeemable for one free ice cream cone at Dan & Whit’s on South Main Street.  The safety cone incentive co-sponsored by the Norwich Police Department and Dan & Whit's, hopes to provide positive reinforcement for youth making safe decisions such as choosing to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle or scooter, using the crosswalk to cross the road, and wearing a seat belt when riding in a car. 

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Some photos will be added to the story and will be provided by Norwich PD. Others have been taken by Demo Sofronas

These children and many more can earn a cone and stay safe too!

Photo taken at Touch the truck event

This cone can be traded at Dan and Whit's for an ice cream cone

Looks like someone was caught doing something safely and will soon get the real scoop.

Here is another happy operation safety cone winner

Milo was practicing biking with his helmet and crossing Main Street safely all month in anticipation of seeing the police. And then his dreams came true! 

Another happy winner

Operation Safety cone success is evident here

These  kids get the scoop

All smiles here

An here is the reason why.

Ticket # 8 has been issued to Mica

Another happy "Operation Safety Cone" winner.  Micah was "caught" being safe and issued a "ticket" for a free ice cream cone after he was observed wearing a safety helmet while riding his bicycle, and waiting for traffic to pass before crossing the street.

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