A Big Bite!

NYC in 28 hours.

Do you have a bucket list?  Mine is mainly in my head, with a few spots on Pinterest and some scribbled notes here and there.   It  includes books to read, movies to watch, recipes to try, and of course, places to visit and experience.  High on my list for several years, have been several items that I ticked off said list in a short but highly enjoyable trip to the Big Apple.

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The Upper Valley is very fortunate to have the Dartmouth Coach. I have used it many times to get to Boston to fly out of Logan or to go to the city for the day.  This was my first experience taking the bus to New York, and now that I have, I don't think I will be driving there again.  Although $160.00 round trip seems steep, after calculating what my last trip to New York cost for gas and for keeping my car in a garage, it seemed a bargain.  Leaving at 6:30 am on Thursday we arrived in New York at 12:30 in time to have a late lunch after checking into our hotel.  

Tabata Noodle Ramen was our lunch destination.  My fellow traveller had used a search of New York Times Restaurant Reviews pinpointing this restaurant for it's close proximity to our hotel.  Right around the corner from the Doubletree Inn Times Square West, this Asian restaurant yielded the best noodles, kimchee and gyoza that I have had in years.  Reasonably priced and quick service gave it high marks from our trio.

Those who know my reading habits are well aware of my love of mysteries. For many years I have read books by this press and had always wanted to visit the store in person My son and his wife had overheard me rave about the Mysterious Press and the Mysterious Bookshop  and gave me a gift certificate for Christmas.  Not far from downtown, this lovely bookstore was everything I had hoped for and more.  Although the owner/publisher Otto Penzler was not there, his staff were very helpful and assisted me as I spied a series that was on the very top shelf.  Yes, I would love a home library that included ladders, but now I know where I can get my fix.  

Our next stop was also on my must see list.  The 911 Memorial is a very moving tribute to those who lost their lives in both World Trade Center bombings and the tragic plane crashes that happened that same day.  Although we were not able to go to the museum this trip, we did visit the church that provided sanctuary for so many on that horrific day and the many months to come. The memorial bell presented to the St. Paul's Chapel by the citizens of London was equally moving. If you have not visited, try to at some point in your travels.  Though emotionally hard, it is part of our history, and is actually one of the quietest spots I have ever been in New York City.

On the edge of the Memorial and the Church is the Westfield, a very futuristic mall that actually has several subway stops attached to it as well.  Plenty of people were taking pictures, and I could definitely envision a Science Fiction or Fantasy film being made in it.

We decided to walk through Chinatown and head to Mulberry Street, or Little Italy.  As we strolled past the many open storefronts we spied lots of interesting fruits and vegetables, and dried fish as well.  Tempting as it was to eat another Asian meal, we held out, and had a lovely Italian meal and purchased some terrific cookies and pastries to eat back at our hotel.  

All in all we were able to pack all of this in from around 1:00 pm-10:00 pm.  It involved a lot of walking, and taking a few cabs as well.  Although I have taken the subway many times, I really enjoyed seeing the streets from the back of a cab, and hearing some of the history of New York from our drivers.  

I will share part two of my bucket list in a few days. New York is not the cheapest trip for your travel dollars, but it is rich in history, food and culture and well worth saving for. So consider a trip to the Big Apple, if not this summer, someday.  Add it to your list!  


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