Customer Spotlight: "A Little Alternate Universe"

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Sue Schlabach is a Vermont artist, photographer, and upcycler. She is Creative Director at Wild Apple, a locally-owned fine art publisher and licensor, and a longtime Rev customer. Here's what she had to say about the Revolution experience. 

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How did you discover Revolution?

Revolution came on my radar when someone told me that the shop sold locally made clothing. I was upcycling a lot of clothes at the time, so I wanted to see what others were doing and source interesting clothes to remake. 

I walked in and was immediately captivated by the color and style of the space itself. It was like stepping into a little alternate universe. I found the upcycled or handmade clothes an inspiration and the resale clothes a treasure trove. I still do! 

What are your favorite items to shop? 

Now that my daughter is a teenager, we love to go together and Kim often puts things aside things for us. She allows/encourages you to play dress up and knows that you can’t always make the purchase. One day earlier this spring, my daughter tried on four or five full-length gowns on a muddy/snowy afternoon and it cheered us up. We took pictures, drank cappuccinos, and all was well with the world. 

I am personally drawn to the shoes. I have a pair of Fly London Mary Janes that are among the most loved in my closet. I also have ankle Frye boots that are my go-to boot in the winter. I brought a fashion-savvy friend last fall and she found the most extraordinary olive open-toe boots.

What’s the one thing you’d say about Revolution to someone who had not yet shopped there? 

What are you waiting for? Even my husband enjoys going to Revolution with us! There are so many good places in WRJ now that you can make a nice day of it. We go to WRJ on Black Friday, take any family visitors along, and have a great time shopping and eating locally.

Name your favorite Revolution purchase.

These Fly London Mary Janes still give me tons of pleasure. I couldn’t believe they were my size. They are black patent leather accented with mint green. They are pointed, but not too pointed. Not too high. Just right.

Anything else we should know about Revolution? 

My daughter and I did the Revolution Fashion Show two years ago and met and made friends with a whole host of wonderful people. This year, she did it with friends and I chose to be in the audience and take pictures. It’s a great event to be part of. Picking outfits and having your hair piled up on your head, dancing back stage…it’s a great time.

Photos courtesy of Sue Schlabach. 

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