Customer Spotlight: "The Thrill of the Hunt"

Courtney Blickarz grew up in White River Junction and has been a Revolution customer since the shop opened 16 years ago. During a holiday break, her mom told her to check out the then-new store in town, and the rest is history! Her favorite finds are the vintage clothes. 

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"I love the thrill of the hunt," she says, "like finding unique items or classic designs that can be incorporated into a modern look. And of course, if you can get them at a great price, that's even better!" 

When we asked Courtney what she loves most about our store, she pointed out the unique inventory setup, with half dedicated to eco-friendly, independent designers and the other half consignment full of treasures to be loved again. Plus, in her opinion, the atmosphere and level of customer service can't be beat. 

"The atmosphere is inviting, artsy, fun and relaxed like walking into a SoHo boutique in New York City," Courtney says. "Kim and her warm staff are always ready to help you out if you need it, to grab the items in your hand you want to try them on, and to reserve a dressing room for you."  

As a longtime Revolution fan, Courtney has also sent lots of new customers our way. "I always tell people that the Rev is a small business that deserves attention. I truly believe it is the cornerstone of the 'new White River Junction,' and Kim was a huge part of the revitalization of the downtown area. It is so nice to see WRJ brimming with new life and back on the VT map as must-visit place." 

What else would she tell you about Revolution? This very important detail. 

"The eggnog lattes that the staff happily make for you during the holidays are amazing. I'd go in just for those and to browse...but I usually end up with a few items in a shopping bag." 


26 North Main Street
White River Junction, Vermont
Open 7 Days, 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. 
Instagram: shoptherev
Twitter: revolutionvt


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