Starting a Gratitude Practice to Find More Joy

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Erin McCabe

As we wrap up another month with spring now in full force and seemingly making each day pass just a little quicker, I am finding the need to slow down and take time to write or say what I am grateful for. Some days feel like a repeat of the day before, other days feel like a drag to be inside when it is so beautiful outside, and others still feel like things couldn't go better. Regardless of whether it's a good day or a bad day we can follow the words of Marianne Williamson, "Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are." Allow yourself some time to slow down and acknowledge just how good things really are - gardens and trees are bringing color back to our landscape, we have numerous luxuries at our fingertips, we can reach out to anyone we want at just about any time, we are surrounded by farms that provide wonderful fresh food, the list goes on and you can make your own list.

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When we stop (or at least slow down) we often realize that there are so many little things and probably even some big things that we can be grateful for each day. As Brene Brown says, "I will practice gratitude to access joy." So be it a great mood, a mediocre mood, or even if you aren't in the best mood, take a few moments each day to write or say 1-3 things each day you are grateful for and begin your gratitude practice. I bet you'll feel a little better afterwards.

As you first practice your daily gratitude you might find yourself getting stuck, but think of the simplest of things, like:

  • I am grateful to live somewhere with beautiful views and fresh air.
  • I appreciate running water and electricity.
  • Thanks to those who deliver our mail, who open early or stay late for those who work off hours, and who work on holidays so I can pick up those last minute things I forgot.

And I bet the more you practice gratitude the more you might find yourself appreciating the little things that can seem so mundane and expected. Heck You might even experience joy on the rainy days, the days you forgot your coffee, or the days when nothing is going right.

To read about how I started the month focusing on joy click here, and even these simple breathing exercises can help you slow down and find more joy.

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