4 Hidden Gems: Walks You May Not Have Known About

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Katie Donovan

There are trails that are well loved and used like the rail trail. 

Then there are trails that make you feel like you're in a peaceful environment all your own, an escape from the world.  

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These are trails like that, little hidden walks that a lot of people may not know about because they're off the beaten path. 

Click on the links for specific directions on how to find each of these, pictures on the trail, and approximate time to complete the trail.





River views

Easy parking

The Walks

Riverside Park

Riverside Park is right by the Powerhouse Mall.  This walk has great water views and lots of wild flowers on the banks.  I would have never known there was a trail behind the play area because it is behind the tree line, tucked away.

Cole Park

Cole Park is at the end of a residential street.  It's a quick loop with great views.  I really enjoyed this walk. I would have never known this existed; there are no signs and the path is not visible from the parking area.

Mill Road

Mill Road runs parallel to the rail trail and as such does not get much use.  However, I think it makes a great loop!  It's a quiet dirt trail and not often used.

Two Rivers

Two Rivers is a trail I just found behind Kmart!  If you want to feel like you're walking in a more of a wetland environment than the woods, this is the walk for you.  I liked the different atmosphere, and like the rest very peaceful to walk in.

This walk is much more well known but if you haven't been to Boston Lot Lake, you're in for a real treat.  

Check out more walks in the area on my website.


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