Thoughts on Live Music

The Audience, Covers, and Original Music

I just returned from a visit to a new music hall in a large city in Western NY. While there, I had an in depth discussion with the owner about how musicians, who play original tunes, can survive in today’s music scene. 

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We both saw the desire of audiences to hear covers. I was told that tribute bands make quite a bit more money than cover bands and certainly more than the average original band. 

We also discussed the problem that downloaded music isn’t going to keep a band going. Musicians get an extremely small percentage of the profit from downloaded music. 

How can an original artist survive? Through my discussion and some added research, I’ve realized that the audience has a responsibility to support the original artist. 

1. As we listen to live music and original artists, we can get to know them and learn their music. 

2. Original artists need to develop a following. We, as the audience, need to show up. 

3. Once we know the artist, buying their CD helps us to know them even better.

4.Bring friends to events. Promotion is certainly through word of mouth. 

These steps are pretty logical and intuitive, but I hope they remind us that we CAN influence the music world through our participation. 

Go out and hear some LIVE original music!

More info?

Read David Hines book “The Realities for Local Bands:Talent is Not Enough”


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