Worth Knowing: Plant Workshop in Windsor with Claudia West

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Designing Native and Ecological Plant Communities (5 hour workshop)

June 9th, 9am - 4pm

Functional and ecological plantings, such as rain gardens and meadows, are gaining in popularity but also face severe challenges. It is time for a new approach -- a plant community-based method which has evolved in the world of ecological science. Attend this day long workshop as we translate ecological principles of wild plant communities into planting design tools that will help you create better planting.

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This interactive workshop will introduce you to the science behind stable and lasting plant combinations. You will learn the skill of creating plant communities in four hands-on design exercises and practice this technique in a hypothetical planting project at the end of the workshop. 

Claudia West is a leading voice in the emerging field of ecological planting design. Known for her passionate advocacy of plant-driven design, Claudia is a widely sought out speaker and consultant who applies the technologies of plant systems to bring essential natural functions back into our cities and towns. Before co-founding Phyto Studio, Claudia was ecological sales manager at North Creek Nurseries, a wholesale perennial grower in Landenberg, PA. Her work was focused on bridging the gap between growers, designers, and land managers as well as introducing more functional and beautiful ecological plants into the nursery trade.

The workshop will be held at the Fourth Corner Foundation, a three acre non-profit garden whose mission is to promote sustainable design by creating a place for interested parties to gather and discuss ideas.This workshop is designed for all audiences - home gardeners, landscapers and horticulturalists, land conservation groups, and others who want to learn about ecological planting design.

Registrations are limited to 25 attendees to maximize learning. Lunch is included in the registration fee.

Contact: Helen Prussian, Windsor Chapter Chair, 802-436 5950 or email her at  hprussian@comcast.netmkalfieri@gmail.com

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