Worth Knowing: Family Style in Hartland offers delicious food on Route 5

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As we were driving down I-91 just before exit 9, we spied something just through the trees that merited further investigation. So we got off the highway and drove 2 miles north on Route 5. There we found something we'd never seen before - Family Style, an adorable shack that sells all sorts of delicious treats through the summer season. Carl Campbell, the owner, opened Family Style 3 years ago. He's set up there on Route 5 just north of Hartland for the last 3 years. 

Carl Campbell at Family Style

Open on Tuesday through Saturday for 11 am - 7 pm, Family Style serves grilled or fried chicken, lobster rolls, steak and cheese sandwiches, fried or baked shrimp, pulled pork, burgers and more. It's made to order or you can call ahead. Campbell says he has customers who come from Claremont, Randolph and Rutland to feast on his offerings. His two best sellers are his "killer" burgers and his fish and chips. There's plenty of room to sit at a picnic table or a swinging chair behind Family Style or you can take your food home. 

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The street address of Family Style is 270 Route 5 South in Hartland and the phone number is (802) 291-2441 if you'd like to call ahead.

Outside seating

And just next to Family Style is Flower Magix Garden Center, which is operated by Campbell's wife. She's also been open for 3 years. Flower Magix sells vegetable plant starters, flowers, herbs and perennials. It's open 7 days a week and worth a visit after you order your lobster roll at Family Style! 

So next time you're driving up or down I-91, take exit 9 and go north for 2 miles on Route 5. It's worth a stop.

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