Grandma’s Banana Bread

Grandma’s Banana Bread

This banana bread is almost as cozy as a trip to Grandma’s

When I yearn to be cozy, both my Grandmother’s and Mother’s homes come to mind. This banana bread recipe — ‘Grandma’s Banana Bread’ has been passed down from my Grandma Brenda’s kitchen, to my Mother’s, then and now to mine. The other day was one of those cool, rainy spring days made for a cozy cup of tea and warm banana bread. I have made this recipe countless times over the years, when making it the other morning I just about had to rub my eyes for clarity. In disbelief, I reread the amount of sugar called for within the recipe — 1 1/2 cups?! I use overripe, almost black bananas when making this recipe. Therefore, the bananas alone have become sweet enough to provide enough natural sugar for the entire loaf. I do not enjoy overly sweet treats, and even when omitting the sugar, the bread was still very sweet — sweet perfection!

With any recipe today, prior to making it, I think about not only my own health, yet my daughter’s. Sugar can be found is so many unnecessary places — from plain yogurt, to sauces, to crackers! I revamp every recipe I use — from new to old family recipes to eliminate as much sugar as possible. I also don’t use hydrogenated fats. I found a coconut shortening by Nutiva a few years back. It’s vegan and most importantly for our allergen restrictions, it’s peanut and tree nut free (note — the FDA considers coconut to be a tree nut. My allergist considers it to be a seed. If you are unsure whether or not you or your child is allergic to coconut, use an alternative shortening for this recipe). Additionally, the shortening is both organic and non-gmo. It does not taste like coconut, not even in the slightest. It looks and smells more like butter. It’s the perfect replacement in those old recipes that call for vegetable shortening.

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This banana bread recipe is super simple. It takes all of five minutes to whip up and get into the oven. Add-ins can also jazz it up. I love the soft texture as is. Yet, raisins, dates, seeds, or even chocolate chips would be great in it; or top it with oats for a pretty, rustic look. If adding additions, add 1/2 cup.

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