Meet Avery Smith - the 2018 Kid HERO!

CHaD HERO and their Heroic Super Girl, Avery!

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Mitzi Cunningham

The CHaD HERO is a staple event in the Upper Valley! This annul race brings our community together to raise funds and awareness for the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth. CHaD is place that heals their patients physically, mentally and emotionally. Parents receive crucial support and education at CHaD. None of this could happen without the donations and contributions from the community. This race gives people a chance to come out and celebrate everything that CHaD represents - hope, inspiration, kindness and community. (Registration is open now and you can find more information here -

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Every year CHaD chooses a Kid HERO to be the face of the event. This year, Avery Smith has been chosen as the 2018 Kid HERO! Avery is a tough, spunky 4-year old with leukemia. She is the inspiration behind Team brAVERY, a team that earned one of the highest amounts during the 2017 CHaD HERO.

"So we are doing the CHaD HERO for Avery and to support her battle with cancer. We are also participating because every child that goes to CHaD for care deserves the very best. We hope our small effort of raising money and participating in the HERO helps every family that has their world flipped upside down and needs the full army of support that CHaD provides.  We also hope Avery’s infectious smile inspires anyone who has to go through a tough battle during their life. Maybe during the CHaD HERO or through this blog, she can be the light for someone in a dark place.  She just picked out her Super Girl costume for the race and we think it’s very appropriate for who she is every day." – Avery’s Dad, Chris Smith

Avery is an inspiration to many and she has opportunity to inspire many more this year. Don't miss out on the chance to support Avery, and kids like her, at this year's CHaD HERO event! Registration is open now and you can find more information here -

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