You’re eating CSA veggies, while your pet’s eating trash?

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Now that doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Navigating the world of pet food can be confusing, to say the least. Should my dog be eating gluten free? GMO free? Also… there are GMOs in dog food? What?!

It’s time to clear the air, all thanks to someone who did their research… which means you don’t have to!

We talked to Upper Valley local Karyn. She lives in Plainfield, works for 4 Legs and a Tail, and has some adorable furry friends!

What kind of animal(s) do you currently have?  

A 6 year old tortoise calico cat named Autumn, Nola, a 5 month old Doberman and a 5 year old German Shepherd named Nala.

Meet Autumn

Nola + Nala are besties

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When it comes to buying pet food - what types of ingredients do you look for and what types of ingredients do you shy away from?

GMO free is a big factor along with being natural and organic and containing no artificial additives.

What type of pet food do your furry friends currently eat?  

My cat eats Husse's "Active" due to being an indoor and outdoor cat.  The puppy eats Husse's "Valp", which I also use as training treats due to her stomach still being so sensitive, and the german shepherd eats Husse's "Digest" due to having sensitive stomach issues.

What do you think is a common misperception about pet food? Non-gmo vs. Gluten Free or Grain free etc?

I think people don't realize that when you buy a brand like Iams at Walmart, that the quality of the food isn't the same as it used to be.  Cheaper prices usually mean cheaper quality. Mass production, additives, fillers, etc. It's like feeding your pets garbage. Better quality food keeps the coats healthy, their minds alert, active, and I've seen a change in personality with my shepherd and cat.  They look healthy and seem happier.

Where is your favorite spot in the Upper Valley to take your pups? 

My favorite spot to take my dogs is the Lebanon Park on Thursdays when they have the Farmers' Market.  Otherwise, it's our daily morning walks on the trails behind our house.


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