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Angry Goat Pepper Co. co-owner Jason Parker displays a full array of products in the company's tasting room in White River Junction.

At Angry Goat Pepper Co., making hot sauce is a labor of love -- and chilis

Have you ever wondered just what goes into the creation of a new hot sauce, spicy mustard or pepper jam at Angry Goat Pepper Co.?

Co-owner Jason Parker describes the process as being one part inspiration, one part imagination, and one part experimentation.

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It all starts with a basic idea for a recipe, centered around a certain style of product or chili pepper. The next step is sitting down with a pen and paper, and sketching out a recipe.

“Then I start tinkering around in the kitchen,” says Parker, allowing his palate to be his template for each new test product.

Sometimes, the process comes down to simple “trial and error — what ingredients can I find, and what goes into them?” Parker says.

Inside the new tasting room at Angry Goat Pepper Co. in White River Junction.

While some ingredients work out perfectly, others may not, but the final result is a flavor profile as unique as the product label, which is usually based on an animal theme. (Interestingly, the labels were created by a tattoo artist Parker knows.)

“I want something that people are going to see on a shelf that’s memorable,” he says. 

Angry Goat Pepper Co., located at 240 South Main St. in White River Junction, is the maker of 12 award winning hot sauces and nine pepper jams. For hot sauces, there’s Purple Hippo, Red Armadillo, Yellow Flamingo, Pink Elephant, Black Bison, and Demon Reaper.

Purple Hippo and Pink Elephant are two very popular hot sauces created by Angry Goat Pepper Co. Pink Elephant is a unique blend of cranberry and Ghost Peppers.

Purple Hippo, for example, is a unique blend of ingredients starting with Prickly Pear fruit, which has a watermelon/bubblegum flavor. The fruit is paired with spicy hot Habanero and Scorpion peppers, then finished with strawberries to create a distinctive flavor that goes well with poultry, pork, frozen Daiquiri — even ice cream.

“People like the flavor of it, but it’s too hot for some,” Parker says. “Some of our sauces take one or two years before we will roll them out, especially if they’re using specialized chilis.” 

For more information, contact Jason at 802-249-4725 or Roberta at 802-272-1274, or email



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