Bunny Harvey In Rhythm At The Duckworth

Run—do not walk—to the exhibition of Bunny Harvey’s paintings, In Rhythm, at the Aidron Duckworth Museum in Meriden NH. Or drive, but soon; just a 15 minute trip from downtown Lebanon. Meet the artist on Saturday, May 26 from 12 to 3 pm. The show is up until June 3. 

Distant and True, 12” x 16” x 2”, oil on panel, displayed just inside the museum entrance.

Harvey’s works are, in a word, beautiful and absorbing. I passed a Sunday morning at the museum recently and felt refreshed, delivered from all that was depressing and swirling through the day’s news cycle. I was reminded of a Facebook meme that said “Buy some art to stare at in case your phone dies.” Better, certainly, just to turn the phone off (or in my case the Sunday political talk shows) and “borrow” some art for an hour or so of viewing time. 

Attuned, 12” x 12”, oil on panel

Harvey’s works are abstract landscapes, intricate, lush. She has described them as not representational but rather as "places to wander in." She wants to transport the viewer to an environment, with shadows, smells, temperature. "Layers," she says, " sounds, history . . . tiny interruptions to the flow of things." This exhibition contains over 50 of her paintings, large and small. Each could be a favorite; one wall is a grid of several smaller pieces that succeed in drawing the eye from one to the next. 

From the pastoral to the city: Urban Orchestration, 48” x 60”, oil on canvas 

Harvey is a Vermonter by way of Manhattan, where she was born, and Wellesley College, where she taught for 40 years. Her parents bought a home in Vermont in 1949 and she has been "vaguely a native" ever since. She credits growing up in New York City with allowing her to see and appreciate the Vermont landscape.

The Aidron Duckworth Art Museum has just opened for the season under the new directorship of Norwich VT’s Ben Finer. Located at 21 Bean Road in Meriden NH, its hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. For more information about current and upcoming exhibitions and programs, contact the museum at 603-469-3444, or check out the website at www.aidronduckworthmuseum.org

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(All quotes are taken from the video, above. Hear from the artist in her own words by clicking on the image. Top photo, above, is of Duet: Hidden Dwellings, diptych, 48” x 98”, oil on canvas)


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