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Worth Knowing: Dartmouth College research study seeking 3-6 children (2-hr commitment)

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Worth Knowing

3-6 year-old boys and girls are needed for a research study being conducted by Dr. Diane Gilbert-Diamond at Dartmouth College. The researchers are seeking to understand how children process information presented on visual media. Your child may: 

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•     Eat some foods 

•     Watch age-appropriate television content

•     Answer some simple questions 

•     Play fun games on the computer 

•     Provide a saliva sample for research on common genes related to health 

You (parent) will: 

•     Bring your child to our lab at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH for two visits that are about 1-2 weeks apart 

•     Complete some questionnaires 

The two study visits may take up to 1 hour each. Participation is voluntary and confidential. Your child will compensated $20 for the first visit, and $40 for the second visit, and you may qualify for additional mileage reimbursement. 

If interested, please contact us to see if your child is eligible. 

Children and Visual Media Study Phone: (917) 915-3686E-mail:

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