Three Ways to Pamper+Protect Your Skin+Hair This Summer

Submitted 6 months ago

Warm weather is finally here, and our customers are ready for some fun in the sun! Flourish has everything you need to be kind to your hair and skin all summer long. Here are three popular questions we receive at this time of year.

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Do you carry a sunscreen that I can use on my very sensitive skin?
Yes! Flourish now carries the Raw Elements line of organic, hypoallergenic SPF 30 sunscreen products. Developed by an ocean lifeguard with an eye on personal and environmental health, the products are made with certified all-natural ingredients. They are water/sweat resistant, non-stinging, safe for all ages (great for kids!), and free of fragrances, harmful preservatives, and hormone disrupting chemicals.

The sole active ingredient in Raw Elements products is 23% non-nano zinc oxide. "Nano" refers to the size of a particle - very small, in this case! Nano-sized particles are small enough to enter the bloodstream, whereas a non-nano particle cannot. Non-nano zinc oxide, therefore, sits on top of the skin, creating a barrier that protects against UVA and UVB rays. It does not absorb into living skin cells.

Flourish is stocked with a tinted version for the face that offers coverage without the white cast of other sunscreens, as well as an easily-spreadable face and body lotion. Come check it out!

My sandals, slingbacks, and flip-flops beg to be worn! How can I get my feet looking and feeling summer-ready?

If your feet and toes need a little pampering after being stuffed into boots and socks all winter, try our pumice stones from California. You'll feel a difference at the first touch. Most store-bought pumice stones are ground into a particular shape, which degrades the quality of the scrub. Our pumice is naturally formed from rapidly cooling lava in the foothills of Mt. Shasta. Each stone is found in nature, unaltered, and has its own unique shape. They will quickly file away calluses and smooth your skin.

How to use: Soften feet by soaking in warm water. Rub pumice along rough spots on feet to slough away calluses and reveal softer feet, naturally.

Humidity wreaks havoc on my hair. How can I tame the frizz this summer?

Let's start by identifying what causes frizz. When hair is too dry, the outermost layer of each strand (called the cuticle) opens up and lets in moisture from the air around it. This causes the hair to swell and creates that dull, dry, poofy appearance. Humid days, when the air contains lots of moisture, are a dry cuticle's worst enemy. And the heated water from a hot shower only dries the hair out more!

To fight frizz, use our Lavender Mint Hydrating Mist to rejuvenate your hair. Organic aloe and clover extracts increase the hair's water retention and help lock in moisture, while a plant-derived silk protein adds strength and shine to your hair. It can be used on wet hair as a leave-in to add a protective layer of moisture, or on dry hair to smooth and restyle. You'll find it gives you all the hydration without weighing your hair down. Our mists are great for cooling and moisturizing your skin, too.

Here's to a happy, healthy Upper Valley summer!


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