Glorius Greenhouse

The most exciting moment in May is the opening of the Harrington greenhouse in North Pomfret.  Spring provides so many breathtaking moments of rebirth, but personally, getting out of my car and stepping inside Dale’s nursery is a magical moment and worthy of any major urban flower show.

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This year, Dale Harrington went all out. To step inside is to step into a Hollywood set of flowers gone wild.  The colours, the textures, the trays, the hanging pots, the smells and the light are brilliant; I almost want to bring a bed inside and lay there in the midst.

There are 4-packs and 6-packs of numerous herbs: parsley, thyme, dill, sage, rosemary, oregano and more, not to mention the photogenic lettuce leaves in their reds and green trims, tomato plants and soon the cucumber plants that will be ready this weekend.  

The show is on full display because of the hanging pots of glorious annuals: small petunias, large petunias, trailing verbena, blood red geranium, shy pinks, coral blossoms, salvia blue and purple, latin names, common names, vines of grey-green hues, white trims, bursting dahlia blooms beckoning in their rainbow shades.  There are small pots, large pots, lobelia in blue, white and purple.  It all assails you so vividly that it is difficult to know where to begin.

The greenhouse is worth a visit simply for the colours and the glory of spring.  As of Memorial Day, this show may wane as gardeners begin their buying, their digging and filling their pots.

The Harrington greenhouse is at #8492 on the Pomfret road in North Pomfret and is open daily.  A sign does eventually go up.  Look for a flat dirt driveway leading toward an old greenhouse set against a hillside between the North Pomfret church and Starbuck road.

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