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Don't worry, that won't last much longer

I first became interested in the tarot, strangely enough, after seeing the James Bond film "Live and Let Die". I'd always had an interest in playing cards and these odd little cards really drew my attention and I wanted to know more about them. It wasn't until high school that I bought a book the had a chapter about the tarot, and that led me to pick up a deck, the same deck featured in the book, the Swiss tarot, which features Juno and Jupiter in place of the High Priestess and the Hierophant. I started doing the occasional reading for friends and it all started going from there.  

For this week's reading, I'm using the Tarot of Time Being, the deck created by this blog's original reader, Mark Merrill. 

First card- universe/big picture-Five of Swords, a card that keeps coming up in readings of late. Typically indicating a conflict, with the questions of whether one was the winner or the loser, and of the legitimacy of the victory. Can also indicate a feeling of defeat where one feels that one cannot act. 

Second- point of view-Ace of Pentacles, the beginning of the cards most tied to the material and practical, security and wealth. 

Third- the meeting point of the first two-Six of Swords, ideas in motion and seeing how things all fit together. 

Fourth- active influences-Knight of Wands, a very active card for a very active position. Courage and idealism, with a possibility of being too headstrong in this.  I've gotten an idea of the first card representing a point of feeling stuck, followed by a bursting forth in to activity  

Fifth- passive influence- The Moon, dreams, instinct, primal consciousness, the deep mind, source of ideas and drives- possibly the source of the energy indicated by the third and fourth cards? 

Sixth- current, where things are going or can be directed-Death, or the unnumbered major.  Transformation- change brought forth by action?

Seventh- comment on the spread-  Ten of Swords, very similar to Death, representing the actual death preceding the transformation. Very interesting having these two appear in parallel positions in the spread. 

Eighth- Will, or its means of manifestation- King of Cups- king of the area described in The Moon. Deep inner life

Ninth- Desire, or its means of manifestation-Queen of Wands, wonder and joy at the experience of life. I can see this as connecting to the themes of busts of activity and the deep mind. 

Tenth- meeting of eighth and ninth-Ten of Pentacles, Wealth and security manifested, the end point of the process that starts with the Ace. 

Key card-Hermit, playing off of the deep inner life of the King of Cups.  Withdrawal in order to look within for answers, just don't withdraw too much that one isolates one's self.  

Most present suit is Swords, representing the mind but also possibly indicating conflict.  Majors, Wands, and Pentacles all in balance with two each, with Cups, emotions, as the least represented. Only one recurring number, ten, indicating practical and/or material matters. 

Lots of deep mind ideas and energy finding release in a burst of transformative activity after a time of feeling unable to act. 

That's all until next week, WRJ Tarot Musings out. 

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