Deadpool 2: This is Deadpool and I Have Made a Rare Successful Comedy Sequel

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    Deadpool (2016) was a very enjoyable superhero comedy, that didn’t so much change the genre  as much as it tried to turn it upside down. Starring the titular fourth-wall breaker, Deadpool, the original movie was an unexpected huge hit. Naturally, there would be a follow-up.  So, how does the “merc with the mouth’s” second outing fare? Quite well, I believe. While it doesn’t exactly break new ground, nor does it feel as fresh as the first film, in some regards, Deadpool 2 is an enjoyable sequel featuring new characters. It still keeps the spirit and humor of the first film, and Deadpool’s quirky character is done well again. If you enjoyed the first Deadpool, you’ll enjoy this one, too.

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    Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, is living his dream of becoming Mayberry’s hottest bartender while also learning to cope with the loss of somebody important to him. Deadpool, suddenly, decides to form a team of fellow mutant rogues, known as X-Force, to protect a young boy of supernatural abilities, from the brutal time-traveling mutant known as Cable.

    Deadpool 2’s humor of fourth-wall breaking gags, references to other comic book characters, and amusing dialogue, like “you’re so dark, you’re not from the DC universe, are you”? Or, when Deadpool first encounters Cable, for example, and narrates everything in a sarcastic, joyous vibe, which the audience loved. Probably the sequence that gave me the most laughs was the superhero try-out bit. Deadpool has great banter and interactions with characters, such as Shatterstar, Bedlam (played by Terry Crews in a hilarious cameo), Zeitgeist, Peter, and Vanisher (played by Brad Pitt, who I didn’t even recognize). All of these characters are meant to come off as having unusual or silly powers, and it works. Much of the humor comes from Deadpool, but Josh Brolin, as Cable, gave me and the audience plenty of laughs, as well. His serious “save the world” attitude, fits well.

    Ryan Reynolds proves that he’s born to play the role of Deadpool. Deadpool IS Reynolds. Everything that comes out of his mouth, all of his gestures, all of his remarks, are totally Reynolds. Reynolds even got script-credit this time, so most of Deadpool’s dialogue was probably written by him.

    Deadpool 2 features more characters then the first movie, with a heavier emphasis on the mutant side of things. Josh Brolin is a particular standout as Cable, a character that is an embodiment of the “dark and cool” 90’s comic trend. Brolin plays the role straight. That’s hilarious, as he comes from the future, and wants to change the past, but Deadpool is at first having none of it. Also, I really liked Zazie Beetz, as Domino, a character whose power entirely relies around luck. She’s got a lot of personality and charm, and is quite fantastic. My favorite moment with her was when she parachuted in with the rest of the X-force group. Her “Am I okay?” response during that moment was perfect. Also returning from the first Deadpool is Colossus (more Colossus is never a bad thing) with his Russian demeanor and role gets upgraded a bit from the first film, and it’s a blast. Colossus believes that Deadpool is a good person, and that he should join the X-Men. It’s a neat little subplot. Brianna Hildebrand returns as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and we’re introduced to Yukio (played by Shioli Kutsuna), another mutant, who is in a relationship with Warhead. One thing I’d really like to give the film props for is how naturally they portrayed these two characters who are in a LGBT relationship, unlike Beauty and the Beast (2017).

    The action is much better than the first Deadpool, helped by David Leitch who co-directed the first John Wick film. The plot does get surprisingly over-complicated at times, and the first part is a bit sluggish. It feels too much like an attempt to make Deadpool depressing and mopey, which I was not a fan of. That aside, I really enjoyed Deadpool 2. As far as comedy sequels go, it’s one of the better. The characters are all good, t’s funny, and quotable. Definitely recommended.

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