Middle School Athletic Development & Performance Training M/W Group 1
Ended June 20
June 20
2:00 PM — 3:00 PM
Price:  Residents: $80 / Non-residents: $95

Middle School Athletic Development & Performance Training

Become a better, healthier, more confident athlete.

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Middle School  - Athletic Development & Performance Training is designed for middle school student-athletes going into 6th-8th grade in the Fall of 2018.  Each dynamic training session will focus on the development of movement skills and athleticism that are the foundation for success in all growing athletes, regardless of sports(s).

Throughout this 8-week program, athletes will be challenged to improve their mobility, flexibility, stability, balance, coordination, proprioception, agility, speed, jumping ability, strength and power development on a daily basis, utilizing proven age and skill-appropriate drills and functional movements.

In addition to the dynamic training sessions, the nutrition component of the program will provide athletes with the tools to understand and develop the foundation for healthy, life-long nutrition practices.


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