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John Chapin opened The Canoe Club restaurant way back when in Hanover in 2003. The Canoe Club brought the Upper Valley an alternative ‘finer’ dining experience in Hanover compared to old standbys Murphy’s, Molly’s and the two former restaurants housed in The Hanover Inn. Chapin was a ubiquitous presence at The Canoe Club, and he built a loyal following of patrons and performers. But after 15 years, Chapin was ready to pass the torch.

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Last year, The Canoe Club was purchased by Curt Welling, Daniel Levitt, Daniella Reichstetter and Liam McCarthy. Each of the new owners has solid roots in the Upper Valley, and they’ve taken their time figuring out what changes to make to the restaurant. They’ve hired new staff, focused on training and and re-worked the menu. They hope to build on the strength of the restaurant’s original concept while updating its look and feel as well as adjusting the menu to changing preferences. 

New owner Daniella Reichstetter with former owner John Chapin

One of the major changes is the chef. Adam Coulter signed on to The Canoe Club as the Executive Chef in February. Coulter comes with a lengthy and impressive résumé that includes running the show at The Perfect Pear in Bradford, The Lyme Inn and The Norwich Inn. He will be exploring more creative entrees and small plates, striving for a new take on more traditional offerings while giving a nod to increased demand for vegetarian and vegan fare. Some of the things you will see on the menu are a Beet Reuben, Zoodles (zucchini noodles) with pesto and leeks, Truffle Tots with maple sriracha and Roasted Vegetable Lasagna. Coulter particularly relishes creating fish dishes. The Canoe Club owners have committed to developing a variety of seafood offerings, including daily seafood specials. Seafood aside, Coulter is also committed to using local ingredients whenever possible. 

Chef Adam Coulter

On May 8 the new owners of the The Canoe Club hosted a party. They toasted John Chapin for his original creation and invited the restaurant’s friends to kick off the next chapter. More than 150 happy people were there to raise their glasses. If what the owners are trying to do is create a high quality menu in a comfortable setting where conversation is easy and everyone feels welcome, so far so good.

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