Springfield Woman Facing Up to Life in Prison after being Charged with Multiple Sales of Fentanyl

Springfield woman's drug convictions stretch back to her teens

SPRINGFIELD - Less than a month after her mother was arrested for allegedly selling fentanyl, a 30-year-old Springfield woman has pleaded innocent to three felony counts alleging that she too sold the drug from the family's apartment on Wall Street to informants earlier this year .

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    Tiffany Thompson, 30, was in court Friday where she entered innocent pleas to the charges which together carry a maximum potential penalty of up to life in prison because she is being charged as a habitual offender.

    Thompson, whose history of a half-dozen felony convictions stretches back to when she was a 16-year-old drug dealer in Windsor using the street nickname "Cupcake," was arrested this week for allegedly selling bundles of heroin laced with fentanyl, an especially potent opioid that police say has been responsible for a number of heroin overdose deaths across the region.

    An informant working with the Southern Vermont Drug Task Force was sent to the Thompson's apartment on three different occasions in the month of February.

    In an affidavit filed with the court, detectives described the series of alleged "buys" from Tiffany Thompson and noted that on two of those occasions her young child was reportedly in the apartment and on one of the occasions her mother, Suzanne Thompson, reportedly opened the door and let the informant in to make the alleged purchase from her daughter.

    Suzanne Thompson, 52, was herself arrested late last month and charged with selling fentanyl laced heroin to an informant who was also cooperating with detectives although it was not clear from the court paperwork whether it was the same informant.

    The older Thompson, who also pleaded innocent to the charge facing her, also has drug arrests on her record dating back to the 1990s in both Vermont and New Hampshire.

    As a teenager, Tiffany Thompson was convicted alongside her boyfriend at the time on felony counts of selling both cocaine and heroin and aggravated assault with a weapon.  

    After being in-and-out of rehab on several occasions in the years that followed, she was convicted in 2013 of selling drugs on school property and then, in early 2015, she was given a 1-to-3 year "to serve" sentence for heroin possession and violating the terms of her probation.  That arrest followed a drug raid in downtown Windsor that netted her and three other suspected drug dealers after a lengthy investigation by both the Windsor and Hartford police departments.  

   In exchange for her guilty plea at her sentencing in 2015, prosecutors dropped the most serious heroin trafficking charge that had originally been filed against Thompson following that raid.

Tiffany Thompson, seen during a 2014 court appearance, is now facing charges that carry maximum penalties of between 60 years and life in prison

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