The Hanover Garden Club's signature geraniums, grown in our greenhouse

It takes a year to grow a plant sale - really!

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Thousands of volunteer hours mean hundreds and hundreds of plants for your garden

The Hanover Garden Club Plant Sale is here.  On Saturday, May 19, the club sells the results of thousands of hours of volunteer work growing plants.

This year’s Plant Sale began at the close of last year’s.  The plants in our sale are either started or overwintered in our  greenhouse and holding beds or donated from our members’ gardens.  As Spring takes hold and the plants push up through the soil, we work with our trowels, dividing the plants.

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Favorite perennials are divided, labelled and carefully potted or bagged up to bring to the Plant Sale.  Care is taken to properly identify the plant and the growing conditions it needs to thrive.  Garden sheds are cleaned out, with unused gear donated to the “Yard Sale” portion of the Plant sale.

At our garden shed, members spend hours every day re-potting plants, organizing and inventorying what has come in. Calls go out if to members if we need more of certain plants.  Over the weeks, hundreds and hundreds of carefully nurtured plants take their place on the sale tables.

In our greenhouse, the annuals (grown from seed) and the geraniums are blooming. In the weeks before the sale, members tend them every day, checking growth, pinching back and watering. 

Everything is made ready, and the weather forecast watched closely.  The sale takes place rain or shine.  

On sale day, volunteers arrive very early to finish setting up.  Plants are placed on tables and raised shelves, creating the effect of a beautiful raised garden.  Cashier's tables are set up under our tent.

We don our green aprons and turn to look at the line that has formed, waiting for 9AM when we open.  We smile at each other, thrilled to be able to share our joy of gardening with so many others. We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with any who ask - we love to garden.

Welcome gardeners! 

The Hanover Garden Club Plant Sale

Saturday, May 19

9AM - noon

The Garden Club Shed at Pine Knoll Cemetery

Route 10, Hanover, NH

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