Such Pleasures from Found Treasures

Pink flowering crab apples line Route 5 on the way in to Newbury, Vermont

Saturday - May 19 - 9 to 3 - Newbury, VT - Take a beautiful drive along Route 5 to a fabulous flea market

On the way to the Newbury Village Common for the Fabulous Spring Fling Flea Market right off Route 5

The pink crab apples are blooming south of Newbury Village to the Oxbow at the north.  A gorgeous stretch of spring color planted decades ago along Main Street (Route 5) is always a delight in May.  This year the buds look like they might be in full bloom just in time for the Newbury Woman's Club Annual Spring Fling Flea Market to be held on Saturday, May 19, from 9 to 3 p.m.  

a selection of cut glass

The Old Village Church on Newbury's beautiful Vermont common is filled to overflow with a larger than normal amount of donations.  Members of Newbury Woman's Club spent hours sorting for our annual fundraiser.  We've come across everything but the kitchen sink:  Cut glass and bits of jewelry, baskets of flowers and baskets of yarn.  Kitchen utensils, dinner ware, glasses, and mugs.  There are unopened packages of brand new curtains, electronic equipment, and lamps.  Seasonal decorations, books, tools for the garden and tools for the home, toys, fabric, gift wrap -- the list goes on and on.

Treasure found at previous flea markets.

There will be a plant sale outside with vegetable starts, annuals, perennials, and house plants too.  

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The outside vendor line-up is always a surprise -- antiques, collectibles, handmade jewelry, ephemera, and more.

The Newbury Woman's Club is known for their home baking and cooking so please prepare yourself for a mouthwatering display of baked goods and a delicious lunch, all proceeds benefit the restoration of the Old Village Church as do donations made for the treasures you find inside.

Flea market finds

A few of the treasures that have given my household pleasure:  

hand-painted bowls from Ceramica, a high-end Italian house ware company located in Connecticut

an antique photograph found at the bottom of a dusty box

two handblown glass mugs

intricately etched silver plate cheese knives

an antique curling iron to go in my antique tool collection

packages of brand new notepads and pens

almost new pyrex measuring cups

From the club's plant sale --

heirloom tomato plants and a couple of gorgeous purple-leaved lettuces

And what of the outside vendors?

Treasures bought from outside vendors -- a tailored jacket and an 1877 plant journal

a nicely tailored 1940s woman's dress jacket

a journal from 1877 written in the hand of a young female nature observer, Nellie Kimball, who would have been a student at Newbury's Montebello Ladies Institute, a school that has long vanished into the ground.  

the same vendor also had a display of very beautiful jewelry she had made and postcards from a once famous and long gone Newbury tea house.

And of lunch and goodies?

After all that looking and poking about we need nourishment and always go for a bowl of homemade soup made with tiny chicken meatballs and perfectly simmered kale.  The soup comes with a homemade roll perfect for dunking.  And then ... oh my ... the assortment of baked goods, all made from scratch, is always beyond tempting so along with our flea market treasures we usually come home with ginger cookies and dark chocolate brownies.  Oh yes, and a couple of excellent cinnamon buns -- simply perfect to have with coffee on Sunday morning.

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