Wedding Dresses, Anniversaries, and a New Dress Giveaway!

Commitment Ceremony with my daughter

First, A Story

It's that time of year again, Wedding Season, and this year is even more exciting for many brides - and plenty of others - because the Royal Wedding is happening soon. How many of you have been following that news? Everyone is trying to guess what style gown Meghan Markle will wear.

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My wife and I just had our third wedding anniversary. I don't know about you, but we aren't into big celebrations for that kind of stuff. Maybe it's because it's totally unaffordable, maybe it's because we love being at home together, maybe it's a little of both. Jess had to work as it was a Tuesday, but we celebrated with our kind of perfect evening together - take-out and a couple of silly rom-coms, old and new. How do you celebrate yours?

Our wedding was kind of like that. When we first started planning it, we had visions of a big wedding (ok, part of that's because I come from an Irish-Catholic family), big gowns, the whole shebang. And we found a GORGEOUS dress, one we both loved so we bought it not even entirely sure which of us would wear it. 

There's a long story behind why plans started to fall apart - partially financial, weddings are EXPENSIVE - but they did, and we decided to switch to a tiny wedding instead. We chose to invite just our parents/nearest siblings and had our close friend ordained. We spent as much on our entire wedding as we did on that gown neither of us wore. It just didn't fit with the rest of our wedding and we no longer wanted to purchase a second expensive dress - different of course - so that we would match on some level.

We got married on May 8th in Stannard, VT, just outside of Lyndonville, in the field behind our friend's house.

Jess and I checked the Farmer's Almanac like good Vermonter's and planned for potentially muddy but warm weather. We each purchased simple, pretty dresses and matching mud boots to wear.

It turned out to be about 90 degrees and dry! We couldn't wear our matching mud boots and, at the last minute, I panicked that the lovely lace cocktail dress I bought would be too hot. I did a quick change, into a $5 thrifted dress I had last worn to dress up as a fairy. Adorable, flowy and sweet, but not in the best condition and definitely NOT a wedding dress. Oh well, it looked beautiful anyway. Thrifted wonders!

I'm on the left, Jess on the right

Forgotten matching mud boots (and a puppy tail)

I did get to wear that cocktail dress a little over a year later when my parents threw us a fantastic, huge, fun wedding reception, that one thing we had been a bit sad we didn't have. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Always ridiculous, always having fun! Jess on the right, I'm on the left.

Photo credit Pogo Photo

So, I wore a thrifted dress for my wedding with my wife. And it was perfect.

I had previously consigned my simple wedding dress from my first marriage with Kim Souza at Revolution. That one ended up in Revolution's Fall Fashion Show and then as another bride's gorgeous dress for her happy day. That was a beautiful story.

*NOTE Revolution normally does not consign wedding dresses

And now it comes back to that gown Jess and I purchased way back when we were first planning that considerable wedding that we never, EVER would have been able to afford.

I've tried a few to sell it a few different ways but I am not persistent enough, and now I know why. I have been in need so many times, and lucky to have the support system I have, that I want to share what I can with someone else. Hopefully, for someone, this dress will be exactly what they need. 

My wedding dress stories have been thrifty and happy, I can't sell this one for money and share that happiness.

The Giveaway!

This dress isn't meant to leave my hands for money; it's meant to go to someone who needs it and will cherish it. So my Whatcha Wearing readers, if you're planning a wedding on a budget and you are in need of a wedding dress, let me know if you love this one. It's time for this dress to find a new home.


An ivory strapless gown with a flowing skirt accompanied by flower-like details creating a modern look. Satin covered buttons up the back cover up the zipper to complete the elegant look. Size 10 but fits closer to a size 8. Unworn and unaltered. Originally purchased at A Day to Remember. Please excuse the quality of the photos; they are not new! I do have more and can take new ones.

Better lighting and flower details

Back with train


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