Facets: Meet Julie. A friend once nursed her back to health from malaria in a treehouse in Scotland.

Meet Julie. A friend once nursed her back to health from malaria in a treehouse in Scotland.  

Julie was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey, but she spent her early years in Warwick, New York with her parents and brother. She fell in love with art – any form of art – when she was young and has very fond memories of dirt biking in Warwick with her brother.

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When Julie was 11, her family moved to Lyme. Julie was very unhappy about the move. What 7th grader wants to move to a new town and a new school? Eventually her parents bought a house in Hanover, and she went to school there. 

The only thing Julie liked about high school was art. She lived in the Art Room. She remembers pouring her passion for art into a portrait of Jim Morrison. When Julie graduated from high school, she moved to San Francisco to study – you guessed it – art. At first she was thrilled with living there and studying sculpture and painting. She had a boyfriend and she lived near Haight-Ashbury. But the charm wore off. She felt that she was being over-taught and that her raw creativity was being stifled. She decided to leave school just before graduation. She was so done with the art she’d been creating that one day she just put it all out on the street in front of her apartment. Then she went up to the roof and watched people pick through her art and take away her sculptures and paintings. She remembers a homeless man picking out a giant portrait she'd painted and disappearing with it into a nearby park. She has no regrets that she saved none of her art from her San Francisco days. 

At one point in her early 20’s Julie packed a bag and traveled. She wanted to prove to herself that she could take care of herself anywhere. She spent time in Ghana, Ethiopia, Senegal, Mumbai and Delhi. Sometimes it was pretty sketchy, but she managed to stay in one piece. When she was in India, she met some great Scots and decided to travel to Scotland with them. It was a good thing because she had contracted malaria in Africa and got so sick that she ended up in the hospital in Scotland for 3 days. When she left the hospital she moved into a tree house north of Edinburgh and one of her Scottish friends nursed her back to health. Then it was time to come home.

Julie moved back to the Upper Valley and lived at a friend’s farm. She was done with living in the city. She’d felt suffocated by all the people. Back home, a friend taught her how to forage for food and make herbal tinctures. She studied at the Vermont Center for Integrated Herbalism for 2 years. This experience changed her entire outlook on life and health. She learned that medicine is in food and for people to be healthy they need to start with how and what they eat. So that’s what she focuses on.

Julie lives off the grid in Hartland with her dog Nico. She has a big garden. She still loves art and she had the great pleasure of painting with her father not too long ago. She started making and selling juices and smoothies and other healthy food out of a camper with a partner last year. They’re opening up a brick and mortar shop in White River Junction. When she’s not concocting healthy things for people to eat and drink, she loves to hike. Julie is 29.

 Favorite local hike: Lambert’s Trail

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