EAI: New Hampshire Taxes Less, Provides Better Services than VT

The website WalletHub recently looked at where state taxpayers “get the most and least bang for their buck.”  It asked the questions: Do “people in high-tax states receive superior government services. Likewise, are low-tax states more efficient or do they receive low-quality services?” See 2018’s States with the Best & Worst Taxpayer ROI . According to WalletHub, Vermont ranks last among the New England states and 45th in the nation for ROI or return on investment. See chart below for Bottom Ten. 

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Here is the Ethan Allen Institute’s take on the WalletHub report in a blog post by the Institute's president Rob Roper: 

Overall, New Hampshire ranked number one in the nation for good ROI. Vermont ranked 45. Fifth worst. According to WalletHub, the analysis covered twenty-five key metrics and five categories of service vs. total taxes paid per capita.

On that total taxes line, New Hampshire was number 3 (no income or sales tax), and Vermont 48th (just about every tax under the sun).

But, when it comes to providing government services Vermont comes in fourth. So, take that, New Hampshire. We may pay a lot, but we get a lot and don’t leave our most vulnerable citizens out to dry. Not so fast. New Hampshire ranked even better at second nationwide. Vermont and New Hampshire scored respectively: Education – 9/16, Health – 8/2, Safety 1/3, Economy 24/4, Infrastructure & Pollution 16/13.

Bottom Ten

Source: WalletHub


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