Advocate for Kids

Kids rely on advocates to be their voice and hold lawmakers accountable for investing in early childhood programs.

Kids don’t vote or give political money, so often times they are not prioritized in Washington, D.C. or our state capital when issues that impact children are debated. Kids rely on advocates to be their voice and hold lawmakers accountable for investing in early childhood programs.

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With Save the Children Action Network, I’ve been using my voice and taking action for kids for nearly two years, and together with my fellow advocates, we’ve accomplished a lot. We succeeded in helping to pass increased funding for full-day kindergarten across the Granite State and we protected Head Start funding from proposed budget cuts at the federal level. We’ve hosted numerous educational events around the state, and I’m thrilled that we’re now bringing our advocacy training to Claremont. 

Please join me at a free Advocate for Kids Training from 9:30 a.m. to noon this Saturday, May 19, at TLC Family Resource Center, 109 Pleasant Street Claremont, NH. Educate, activate and inspire yourself and others to be a voice for kids. Learn how to:

  • Speak clearly and succinctly about critical kids’ issues
  • Make a case for early childhood education and the survival of kids around the world
  • Ask law makers questions about how they will ensure kids are a priority
  • Be a powerful advocate for kids

Free breakfast and on-site child care will be provided for all attendees. For more information and to register visit:

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Matt Mooshian moved to the Upper Valley area in 2005. Now a local of Claremont, he serves as the Chair to TLC Family Resource Center’s Rural Outright program, and as Save the Children Action Network’s Upper Valley Outreach Team Lead. Matt has a background working with nonprofit educational organizations and in community organizing. He enjoys spending time with his dog, canoeing, and taking in the beauty the UV has to offer.

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