Facets: Meet Dick. He learned to skate on figure skates.

Meet Dick. He learned to skate on figure skates.  

Dick was born in Philadelphia, but he and his 2 brothers spent their early years growing up on the U.S. Air Force Base in Plattsburgh, New York. Dick remembers learning to skate there on an outdoor rink. His parents strapped figure skates on him and his brothers because they thought playing hockey was too rough. Skating - and skating outside - was thrilling.

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When he was in first grade, his family moved to Hanover. Dick and his brothers went to the Hanover schools. Throughout these years, Dick was always happiest playing sports. Any sport. He played soccer and football in the fall, hockey in the winter and baseball in the spring. He skated every Saturday morning at Davis Rink, Campion's predecessor. His parents would pick him up after practice and they'd all go to the Dartmouth Skiway. Every weekend. He thought his life was pretty darn charmed.

In high school, Dick played 2 years of football, 4 years of hockey and 4 years of baseball. For better or for worse, he and his brothers were never really on the same teams. Dick also joined The Footlighters, a theatre group. In addition to sports and theatre, Dick loved to read. His favorite class was How to Write a Book, in which he spent the better part of the year working on a book under the supervision of his English teacher. Dick's book was about young love. When he was in high school, Dick got his first job. He was a dishwasher at a nursing home not far from his house. He would ride his bike there and get to work scrubbing pots. It was a pretty good first job. 

After 4 years in college in Upstate New York, Dick moved back to the Upper Valley. In 1982, he became the assistant coach for the local high school boy's varsity hockey team. He also coached the JV team. A year later, Dick became the head coach of the high school's varsity team. He was 22. 

When he wasn't coaching, he was working. He was a bartender at Five Olde Nugget, a bar that has since closed. It was located where there's now a Thai restaurant. The owners of Five Old also owned The Village Green, a restaurant/bar just around the corner. The Village Green closed an hour before Five Olde, so every night this really cute girl would bring The Village Green's cash box to Five Olde for safekeeping. Eventually that cute girl turned into Dick's wife.

Dick lives in Enfield with his wife, a golden retriever and a mutt-cat. He still loves sports and he hikes and plays golf as much as he can. He still loves to read. But he most enjoys spending time with that cute girl and their 3 sons. Dick is the head coach of the Hanover varsity boys' hockey team. He's worked for the Hanover Improvement Society, a nonprofit that operates a skating rink, swimming/tennis/camping area and a movie theatre, since 1994. Dick recently turned 60.

Favorite vacation: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Favorite annual tradition: going to an all-day country music festival at Gillette Stadium with around 20 relatives and friends. 

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