Worth Knowing: Vermont Life magazine folding

Vermont Life

The State of Vermont has announced that it will cease publishing the magazine Vermont Life next month. The State cited increasing debt due to less advertisements and lower circulation as the main reasons for the closure. Vermont Magazine is currently more than $3.5 million in the red. 

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For many years the magazine served as Vermont's primary marketing tool. "It's a great advertisement for the state," said Susan McClellan, who worked at Vermont Life for years and was blindsided by the closure announcement last week. "People come here to visit and they love Vermont. They grab a little piece of it with a magazine, they take it home and it makes them want to come back." 

Vermont Life will release its final issue next week. The State plans to transition the brand to a digital platform but has not released any details. There is no official confirmation at this point what will happen with the six full-time employees.

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