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Paul B.T. Hyson

It all starts with an idea

Hello readers!
I've currently begun re-reading film director Alejandro Jodorowsky's book on the tarot, as it's one of the few books on the topic in recent memory that's given me a lot of food for thought, particularly in terms of the dynamics between cards. I'm especially intrigued by his concept of laying out the cards in mandala patterns in order to gain more insight in to the relationships between them. I will work more with his ideas and incorporate them in to my regular practice.
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On to this week's reading
First card- universe/big picture- Justice- balance and equilibrium ebb and flow, give and take, all perfectly balanced, though with a caveat to avoid taking it too far lest one fall in to stagnation
Second- point of view-Ace of Wands- a lightning rod in this deck, bringing energy from above to the earth and grounding it, channeling the energy to make use of it- this signifies a beginning, an initial creative impulse
Third- the meeting point of the first two- the impulse emerging from a state of equilibrium takes us to the Two of Wands, interestingly enough- guardianship, foresight, vision- the globe represents a realm in the control of the wand wielder- this could represent a physical space or a conceptual one, the wielder drawing the power from the wands, the energy from the previous card, to exert control over the realm
Fourth- active influences-Death- change, clearing away the old to make way for the new, new changes initiated by the impulse of the Ace of Wands?
Fifth- passive influence- Page of Swords- a figure who extends the dominion of that which exists in the mind in to the manifest world, continuing the concepts shown in the previous three cards.A sharp eye and keen wit is implied.
Sixth- current, where things are going or can be directed- The World- the culmination and embodiment of the entire deck, making its appearance in this place and in the context of the previous cards auspicious indeed, bringing forces and elements in to harmony, reflecting the first card in the spread.
Seventh- comment on the spread- Four of Cups-dissatisfaction borne of overachievement, he focuses on the empty cups in front of him and doesn't see the new one emerging behind him. An important thing to remember in light of this spread so far.
Eighth- Will, or its means of manifestation-Abundance, wisdom gained through practical experience
Ninth- Desire, or its means of manifestation- energy and enthusiasm borne of what some call "beginner's mind" , leaving the old behind and setting out on a new venture, this card brings the appearance of Death in this spread more fully in to the context
Tenth- meeting of eighth and ninth- Hanged Man- Getting out of one's mindset in order to move beyond the discomfort and learning from the discomfort. Important things that frequently come from new ventures, you may find yourself stepping out of your comfort zone, but ultimately that allows you to grow on a personal level as you work on your new venture.
Key card- already in the spread- Death, so the reading hinges on this
We have a lot of majors in this one, five, so fully half of the spread- representing archetypal forces, I'd say that these are important, representing the elements being drawn by the wand. Interesting that we have a sequence of Justice/Hanged Man/Death here, given my currently rereading Jororowsky's book, as he writes about that sequence's personal meaning to him.
Three wands- their significance in this spread is self-evident
one sword, representing mind, and one cup, representing emotion- held in balance
But no pentacles- things are not manifest yet, only just beginning, but they will get there.
Two pages - new ventures but involving something new to the person undertaking them.
Another numerical we have besides the aforementioned majors is 2, 3, 4- representing an initial impulse bringing things out of static balance and beginning in to manifestation, reflecting the interpretation of the spread. We also have some mirrored numbers occurring here that form another sequence- 1/11, 2/12, 3/13, that seem to reinforce this.
That's all for now! See you all next week, WRJ Tarot Musings out.


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