A Safer Pest Control Solution at the Start of Tick Season

Getting Rid of Toxic Pest Control While Still Protecting Families

The Upper Valley is currently in tick season, and much like the previous year, 2018 is predicted to be a very active year for the pests. Yet, rather than surrender to using the pesticides that can be toxic to children and pets, families are looking into more organic solutions to fighting off the threat of ticks in their yard. 

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"As a mom, my top priority is always the safety and health of my children," Tracey Saunders told me.  "We love spending time outdoors, it's one of the reasons we [live in] the Upper Valley." Unfortunately, witnessing the effects of Lyme disease first hand in a family friend, as well as their dog, Cannon, has made her very wary of the threat of ticks. "It's scary and real." 

But part of her safety concerns are also about the toxicity of pesticides in her yard. A solution that was organic and safe for kids and pets was the only reason why she's trusted Pure Solutions for three years now. Pure Solutions has developed PROGAEA, a line of botanical extracts and oils that are safe to use, and work by disturbing ticks' neurotransmitter functions, and is sprayed in a controlled method so as to prevent pesticide drift into the community.  

"First and foremost, we love the product because it actually works," Tracey says, but she was also impressed with Pure Solutions' guarantee of safety, recalling being told "[PROGAEA] was so safe I could, in theory, eat it!" (She's also assured me she's never tried). 

Now, every three weeks, Tracey gets her lawn treated by Pure Solutions. "The key to success, as they have informed us, is consistency." And to enjoy the most of her outdoor time, getting her lawn treated early and late into the season. "I was really shocked to learn how early and late in the season ticks stay active. I figured with the first frost we were in the clear. But as it turns out, anytime of the year it is above 45 degrees ticks are out."


For More on Pure Solutions' techniques and services, visit their website, PureSolutions.com

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